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Someone who should be member of a surname

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  • Someone who should be member of a surname

    Lets say you test someone who should be member of a surname [ ei. smith]but instead he matches the line of another sumrname[ei jones] in the same small town. what should we take from that
    1] it could be that the same small towns has different simulair lines established in different surnames .
    2] it could be a non paternal event of infidelity
    3] It could just be a different line intersecting in the same small town by chance no one sutrname owns these haplotypes

    one thing we know reguardless of the above the one you tested is a new discovered line of Smiths.

    so which surname group should they belong to?

    probably both in my book

    i run a frosinone project inwhich includes san danato italy . these small towns on hills have had the same population for 2000 years. how many lines do these towns contain ? who knows thats what we are looking for

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    Jim, you bring up an interesting observation.

    I believe someone posted here a good while back about a common surname in a German village.

    The initial theory that they'd all be related was found to be false. The surname must have been assigned by government taxing/census authorties or its relation to an occupation.

    I'm in agreement with you in that the different lines should remain in a project. This provides a beneficial clearing house or source of collected data on lines of an identical or similar surname.