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  • New Lab for DNATribes

    My sister just sent-in her Tribes sample for analysis and she writes the return address is - c/o John Arroyos, GTL Genesis Center at 3655 Research Drive, LAS CRUCES, NM 88003.

    Apparently DNA-Fingerprint is no longer the designated lab for DNAT. Posted DNAT as to availability of sample for other tests by other labs. Will post here.


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    That could not be problematical could it?I ordered the test yesterday.


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      Well, I would prefer to spare myself additional sample extraction charges or shipping charges for moving samples around and I would prefer not to have samples in too many hands.

      But the cost of having DNA-Fingerprint extract and type alleles and then have DNATribes analyze the numbers is more than the cost of just going through Tribes.

      If you have a sample at FTDNA it can be used for all DNA-Fingerprint tests and vice versa.



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        Well I am not using a sample from anywhere else..I paid $199 for the test..
        I guess my question is..who will run a the sample..who is the lab..the address does not tell me anything..

        I did not even know that DNA -FP HAD been doing the test..

        That shows much I know..just want to make sure that my test will be OK..and not give me 100% from Upper or Lower Slobovia or somewhere..and I do hope that is a fictional place and that I did not insult anyone..

        MY XSTR test will be done with my FTDNA sample.. I am open to any ethnicity of course.. I just don't want to get ever so confused.


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          All of these changes could be one reason that DNA-FP and FamilyTreeDNA have not yet announced the new testing..
          I will scream if I paid the money and could have used my sample from FTDNA for everything..

          in other words..hope that they don't come out with atDNA,XSTR tomorrow from right here..of well, you win some and lose some..


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            Las Cruces New Mexico is in Lower Slobovia.

            Just kidding. Think the Slobovias were a creature of Al Capp's imagination.
            It could be that the Slobovian lab is just handling things until T. Krahn gets all his retorts sorted and bunsen burners lit in the new lab in Houston.



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              Well I received my packet from Lower Slobovia and it is waiting to go back..That was fast!


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                Not-Really-Slobovian Website


                Paternity-testing outfit with photos of happy families : )

                Forgive and forget,


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                  Copy of DNATribes email reply

                  Dear Mr. Goulde,

                  As of late August, our primary lab services are provided by GTL in Las Cruces, New Mexico. In addition to CODIS testing, we will be able to provide additional lab services on a special request basis.

                  Best regards,
                  Lucas @

                  Name: = Tom Goulde
                  Email: = [email protected]
                  Questions/Comments: = I recently ordered a Tribes analysis for my sister and she informs me the return address is no longer DNA-Fingerprint but an outfit in New Mexico. Will her sample, on its way to NM, be available for other tests by other labs?



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                    Lived in New Mexico where Tribes lab is.

                    I was very nervous sending my DNA sample to Germany. I was afraid that it would get lost. Sorta glad that they have a lab in New Mexico. I used to live in ALamagordo, New Mexico, thats where my 2nd and youngest daughter was born. I call her my New Mexico roadrunner , she came so quickly, she was 1 hour and 46 minuets of labor, thats it. We didn't have any more! Beautifull state! Maria