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  • Maria_W
    Native American, Hispanic, Mestizo.

    By the way Blackdutch just wanted to thank you again for running my markers through Omnipop! This is from my top 40. So Hispanic is only if it contains Spain ? or does Portugal count too?
    I am not good at putting countries into ethnic groups. Is this correct?

    Portuguese 2.87E16 (Hispanic?)
    Azores 3.61E16 (Hispanic?)
    Michigan Native American 4.29E16
    Southern Spain(Andalusia) 1.31E17 (Hispanic?)
    pbso-rnbp(Non Black Brazilian 5.23E17(Mestizo?)
    Michigan Hispanic 5.38E17
    Madeira Archipelago 5.68E17 (Hispanic?)
    Argentina 5.81E17 (Mestizo?)
    Hispanic 7.09E17

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  • tomcat

    Ran my profile on Omnipop -

    Argentinian - 2.91E17
    Portuguese - 4.71E17
    Saskatchewan Aboriginal - 5.14E17
    Michigan Native American - 5.22E17
    PBSO Caucasian -6.25E17
    Inupiat (Alaska) - 6.42E17
    Yupik (Alaska) - 6.54E17
    Chitpavan Brahmin - 6.61E17
    Brazilian - 8.16E17
    Michigan Caucasian - 9.18E17
    ABI-ID African-American 9.33E17

    And all my alleles, which I will type-up when I recover my capacity for clerical concentration.


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  • burto
    I think scores matched with India are considered European. Some Hispanic groups would have African in them...does it say where the Hispanic samples are from? Maybe you could google the area and find out. Have you tried RCMP? Their database breaks populations down into basic ethnic groups which might be more helpful. Of course it could just be that you happen to have markers similar to other ethnic does happen.
    I think Morrocans and Tunisians are considered Caucasian not sure about Margheb...another thing to google prehaps. Have you ran all your markers through seperately?

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  • burto
    Keep going don't need the ciggies!!!!
    I've just been looking at my Mum's Omnipop profile and looking at the overall ethnic group that emerges.....if I imagine I was a detective and I was looking for this person...what ethnic group should I expect?
    Her top 35 are:
    8 Mediterranean
    2 Brazilian
    1 Hispanic
    1 Native American
    1 Tunisian
    1 Indian
    and 11 Caucasian
    So I would look for someone who is mostly Caucasian because I have a large Mediterranean cluster and a large Caucasian. And sure enough Mum is at least 50% Caucasian because she is half British. The Brazilian and Hispanic confirm Caucasian partly too but they also suggest a small amount of Native as does the Native score. This must come from her American paternal side as must the Mediterranean as her maternal family are pure English back to 1740 on all lines so far. This is conclusive to the RCMP scores and the single markers ran through Omnipop and also Tribes.
    Of course this is just the way I'm reading the results.
    Last edited by burto; 22 September 2006, 10:25 AM.

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  • Sonia
    Originally posted by burto
    That's interesting that you've got an African American score in your top 5...noone else who has put their scores on here has any SSAF related scores in their top 30 and sure enough we think we are predominantly Caucasian....does Omnipop overall seem quite African American or African for your scores? Ignore highest and lowest for a minute and just look at the overall pattern-are the results over 80% African related? This would give us a good understanding as you know your Gram is strongly of African descent and could give us an idea of the reliability of the scores.
    Hi Burto,

    I looked at the results for the top 35 and realize that I really need a geography lesson on some of the places This could be a good discussion in itself. How would you group them. ie. Do you separate East Asian and Asian?

    99 populations I sorted 98 (missed one, will check later). The results definitely aren't close to 80% African related.
    22 European Related
    21 Hispanic Related
    20 African Related
    19 Asian & East Asian
    12 Native American
    4 Middle East / N. African? (= Moroccan Arabs (6), Maghreb (North Africa) (8), Tunisian (59), & Turkish (7))???

    For the Top 35 Only:
    9 Asian & East Asian
    8 African Related
    6 European Related
    5 Hispanic Related
    5 Native American
    2 Middle East / N. African

    Also interesting were the 80 populations NOT included and their breakdown:
    23 Hispanic Related
    19 Asian & East Asian
    12 African Related
    11 European Related
    9 Middle East / N. African
    6 Native American

    Still Heinz 57, but this was definitely a good thing to keep me occupied on Day 2 of being smoke-free Thanks!

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  • Kathleen Carrow
    New test

    Well I ordered my DNATribes test so very soon I will need help..
    I am going to re-read all the posts on this I1b1b cousin also said he would help..

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  • tomcat
    Your Omnipop results clustered. Not much African in these results. Tom

    Portuguese 9.95E+16
    Portuguese 4.71E+17
    PBSO-PNBP (non-Black Brazilian) 7.72E+17
    Brazilian 8.16E+17
    Brazilian is Portuguese Diaspora, originally, altho there are now all sorts of Europeans in Brazil

    Michigan Native American 9.99E+16
    RCMp Saskatchewan Aboriginal 5.14E+17
    Michigan Native American 5.22E+17
    Inupiat (Alaska) 6.42E+17
    Yupik (Alaska) 6.54E+17
    Three fifths Algonquian by these matches.

    Morroccan Arabs 2.90E+17
    Moroccan Arabs are closer, genetically, to Europeans than Africans. Probably especially close to the Spanish and Portuguese given proximity.

    Argentinian 2.91E+17
    Argentinian 5.07E+17
    PBSO Hispanic 3.54E+17
    Southern spain (Andalusia) 6.07E+17
    Argentinian is Spanish Diaspora, originally, altho there are now all sorts of Europeans in Argentina.

    Southern Croatian 3.16E+17
    Hmmm, this might be worth googling.

    VDFS Caucasian 4.12E+17
    California Caucasian 4.52E+17
    Virginia Caucasian 5.21E+17
    PPSO Caucasian 6.25E+17
    FBI Caucasian 7.86E+17
    Michigan Caucasian 9.18E+17
    Swiss Caucasian 9.84E+17

    Scottish 5.76E+17

    Chitpavan Brahmin (India) 6.61E+17
    Not Tribal, so Indo-European.

    Podlasie (NE Poland) 7.90E+17
    Not going there again ...

    ABI-ID African American 9.33E+17
    This is about ten times weaker than the Native or Portuguese scores up-top. Each E# increment is equivalent to a zero or decimal point.

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  • taba2much
    here's Mine

    Well , Here's mine, it looks like Im not all that caucasian, I think it all add's up to, over all Native American, with Admix of Hispanic and African American, Caucasian seem's to be a smaller role than I believed, what do you folks think of it, its all still new too me, still having fun with it, will post my 19's tomorrow,
    Portugese 9.95E+16
    Michian Native American 9.99E+16

    Morroccan Arabs 2.90E+17
    Argentinian 2.91E+17
    Southern Croatian 3.16E+17
    PBSO Hispanic 3.54E+17
    VDFS Caucasian 4.12E+17
    California Caucasian 4.52E+17
    Portugese 4.71E+17
    Argentinian 5.07E+17
    RCMp Saskatchewan
    Aboriginal 5.14E+17
    Virginia Caucasian 5.21E+17
    Michigan Native American 5.22E+17
    Scottish 5.76E+17
    Southern spain (Andalusia) 6.07E+17
    PPSO Caucasian 6.25E+17
    Inupiat (Alaska) 6.42E+17
    Yupik (Alaska) 6.54E+17
    Chitpavan Brahmin (India) 6.61E+17
    PBSO-PNBP (non-Black
    Brazilian) 7.72E+17
    FBI Caucasian 7.86E+17
    Podlasie (NE Poland) 7.90E+17
    Brazilian 8.16E+17
    Michigan Caucasian 9.18E+17
    ABI-ID African American 9.33E+17
    Swiss Caucasian 9.84E+17

    Alabama Caucasian 1.04E+18
    PC/BT Hispanic 1.08E+18
    Florida Hispanic 1.10E+18
    (Native American) 1.12E+18
    PBSO Caucasian 1.18E+18
    Madiera Achipelago 1.18E+18
    FBI African American 1.19E+18
    Italian 1.24E+18
    Moroccan Arab 1.25E+18
    (Native American) 1.29E+18
    RNPB (Non-Black Brazilan) 1.32E+18
    Maghreb (North Africa) 1.35E+18
    Oriya Brahmip (India) 1.39E+18
    Connecticut Caucasian 1.44E+18
    PC/BT Caucasian 1.47E+18
    PBSO Hispanic 1.49E+18
    Maghreb (North Africa) 1.56E+18
    PC/BT Caucasian 1.62E+18
    RCMP Salishan
    (Coastal BC) 1.62E+18
    Madiera Archipelago 1.63E+18
    Hispanic 1.68E+18
    Southern Spain (Andalusia) 1.69E+18
    Karan (India) 1.70E+18
    Alabama African American 1.72E+18
    Michigan Caucasian 1.75E+18
    AB-ID Caucasian 1.75E+18
    Florida Caucasian 1.82E+18
    Trinidad African American 1.83E+18
    Michigan Hispanic 1.84E+18
    Canary Islands 1.92E+18
    PBSO African American 1.93E+18
    Brazilian 1.93E+18
    Desasth Brahmin India 1.99E+18
    Illinois African American 2.01E+18
    VDFS Hispanic 2.05E+18
    Southern Croatian 2.24E+18
    NCSBI Caucasian 2.27E+18
    Hispanic 2.33E+18
    New York Hispanics 2.44E+18
    PC/BT African American 2.48E+18
    Italian 2.50E+18
    Karan (India) 2.53E+18
    RCMP Combined Caucasian 2.54E+18
    Michigan Hispanics 2.57E+18
    African American 2.57E+18
    Florida African American 2.60E+18
    African American 2.66E+18
    Florida Hispanic 2.87E+18
    Caucasian 3.06E+18
    CFS East Indian, (Canada) 3.07E+18
    African American (Canada) 3.08E+18
    VDFS African American 3.09E+18
    Albanians (Northern Italy) 3.16E+18
    PBSO-BCWP Native American 3.24E+18
    Canary Islands 3.27E+18
    VDFS Hispanic 3.29E+18
    Bahama African American 3.30E+18
    VDFS Caucasian 3.45E+18
    Swiss Caucasian 3.63E+18
    Gope (India) 3.65E+18
    Brazilian 3.68E+18
    NcSBI African American 3.70E+18
    Arizona Hispanics 3.77E+18
    Mexican 3.78E+18
    NCSBI/CMPD Hispanic 3.81E+18
    Italians 3.83E+18
    Albanians(Northern Italy) 3.97E+18
    Mexicans 4.07E+18
    Connecticut Hispanics 4.12E+18
    Tunisian 4.58E+18
    ABI-ID Hispanic 4.70E+18
    PC/BT Hispanic 4.75E+18
    CFS combind Caucasian 4.76E+18
    ABI Caucasian 4.79E+18
    combined caucasian canada 5.05E+18
    Connecticut caucasian 5.34E+18
    California Hispanics 5.50E+18
    Viginian Caucasian 5.71E+18
    Caucasian 5.74E+18
    NCSBI/CMPD Hispanic 6.03E+18
    Scottish 6.17E+18
    FBI Hispanic 6.19E+18
    Khandayat (India) 6.44E+18
    ABI Caucasian 6.75E+18
    Jamaica African American 6.93E+18
    Athabaskar Alaska 7.05E+18
    ABI African American 7.37E+18
    FBI Lumbee Native American 7.42E+18
    California Caucasian 7.53E+18
    Dhangar (India) 7.76E+18
    FBI Caucasain 8.83E+18
    AB-ID Hispanic 9.35E+18
    Turkish 9.48E+18

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  • burto
    Hello I am here there's just a time difference being in Merrie Olde England
    Don't worry about it I was just more concerned that I'd offended you!

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  • Maria_W
    Burto come talk!

    I feel badly that the way I stated it, it sounded like I was offended by you. There was just a miscommunication. I was talking to Black dutch about the fact that he has native heritage and they are telling him that he isn't. And I said "Not Native according to you? "Otherwise, who defines whats native, the government? Yes, I was blessed in the fact that I do know my Potowomeck native heritage. Now this is the problem, I know that there is at least 1 other tribe involved. So while I have a general idea of the area I still am left with not knowing some of my ancestors names and tribe or tribes. So in away we are both searching for the same! Come on back and lets talk! Maria

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  • Maria_W
    Burto you misunderstood!

    Oh no, I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about the U.S.government and how they define us! I am so sorry you misunderstood. Maria

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  • Black Dutch
    Originally posted by Noaide
    If you read the DNATribes blog, I am sure that the police may sometimes get the wrong clue from the standard CODIS and chasing the wrong race of the criminal, but of course if they have more than the 13 CODIS markers in their databases it may help to discriminate much better.

    That is true and a good example is my Great Uncle whose #1 match was India (high score:yellow) according to DNA Tribes. We have no known ancestors from there going back to the early 1700's. They were almost exclusively from Great Britain.
    If his DNA was found at a crime scene, the police would be looking for a person of East Indian descent exclusively.
    In the future as the database grows maybe he will match another race, but even the last update still has him being from India. Only other thing I can think of is his DNA got mixed up at the lab.

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  • burto
    Originally posted by Maria_W
    I am so tired of other people defining who is native and who isn't. Maria
    Sorry if I offended you in any way Maria I didn't mean to, just meant that you and Black Dutch have known NA're lucky!

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  • Noaide
    If you read the DNATribes blog, I am sure that the police may sometimes get the wrong clue from the standard CODIS and chasing the wrong race of the criminal, but of course if they have more than the 13 CODIS markers in their databases it may help to discriminate much better.


    Originally posted by Black Dutch
    As an officer I can tell you that it is used in serious crimes such as murders and rape or other cases where you have DNA left at a scene with no witnesses. It was recently used in a case in S. Florida where a suspect was believed to be one race and the DNA said differently. When the suspect was found the DNA was correct.

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  • Maria_W
    Not Native according to who?

    I am so tired of other people defining who is native and who isn't. Well now thats very weird. That doesn't make sense. I had a 2 times less likely score up to 18% Native but my most likely estimate was 10% so thats what I am settling at. I have 10% Native American on my AncestryByDNA score. I have verified Virginian Algonquian, Powatan Condereracy( the Pumunkey fall under this group, we are sorta related)Potowomeck, from Stafford and King George County. So your most likely estimate of 8% Asian could actually be 8% Native American. I have read and heard that they are so close to each other that sometimes they get confused. DNA wise I do not look Native American, I guess my 10% isn't enough to bring those features out. my skin is light but not casper the ghost white, my eyes are blue, and my hair is brown. Now my husband who i suspect is mixed, has darker skin, brown eyes, brown hair. Finally talked him into testing with AncestrybyDNA. Just a thought! Maria

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