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  • Originally posted by tomcat
    Oh piffle, after two months of quiet I expected a whole bunch of new populations. Guess we'll have to wait till autumn after three months of prime cheek swabbing weather. How can I get a job swabbing the cheeks of exotics of the world?
    You know I just may wait until there are more new populations...
    My Irish researcher wants to extract 16 records at 3 pounds each for my Faunts in Tipperary/Cork..

    and I just ordered all those DXYS156 markers.. did your update change??
    What to do..what to do...


    • I just read a dnatribes email response for my complaint about my results from dnatribes and the omnipop results from my dnatribes markers. DNAtribes says mine is primarily Northwest European.


      • Top 20 scores on Native.

        Here is my new update as of April 25, 07
        Native :
        New added score Place Score
        1. (0.98) Bucharest, Romania 368.11 Very high (only 5% of people get results in this high range!)
        2. (0.98) Northern Ireland 327.71 Very High
        3. (0.97) Denmark 290.57 Very High
        4. (0.97) Germany 250.65 Very High
        5. (0.97) Czech 225.34 Very high
        6. (0.88) Poland 166.30 Ordinary
        7. (0.98) Italy 158.12 Very High
        8. (0.94) Belarus 154.72 Ordinary
        9. (0.94) S.Poland 147.95 Ordinary
        10. (0.93) Belarus 127.74 Ordinary
        11. (0.94) Bosnia 116.48 Ordinary
        12. (0.93) South Poland 108.36 Ordinary
        13. (0.94) Ireland 100.77 Ordinary
        14. (0.94) Scot 100.30 Ordinary
        15. (0.92) Scot 90.37 Ordinary
        16. (0.93) Flemish 88.41 Ordinary
        17. (0.92) France 84.70 Ordinary
        18. (0.92) Austria 82.18 Ordinary
        19. (0.91) Germany 81.55 Ordinary
        20. (0.91) Northern Poland 80.48 Ordinary

        Will post next 20 Global later.
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        • Limitations

          Originally posted by rainbow
          What? He has Chinese and African heritage and it didn't show up? Maybe his swabs were mixed up with someone elses in the mailroom or lab.

          My situation is the reverse. Stuff that is not part of my heritage showed up in my results. My ancestors were from Europe, mostly the British Isles. I have NO African, NO American Indian, and NO Chinese ancestry. AncestryByDna says I'm part American Indian and European. Dnatribes says I'm part African and European and Maori and Javanese and Syrian, etc. The markers from dnatribes, thru Omnipop, says I'm only 04% (four percent?! )European and part Chinese and Japanese and Guam and African and 36% Native American.
          Hi Elizabeth,

          No, I'm pretty sure these are his results. What it showed me is that:
          we're not going to see "ancient" DNA appearing. Recombination and admixture aren't even letting us see the influence of 3 or 4 generations in the past. Those aspects of his heritage have been masked with the genetic material not being passed on.

          I don't do a percentage breakdown from Omnipop. (I haven't started his allele by allele analysis - but that didn't really work for me anyway, but I don't think I'm going to have anything stand out as being particularly African or Asian.)


          • My DNAtribes Northern European (.73) scores are beginning to converge at "around" 1/3 of the total autosomes which would agree with Y-DNA data. Also, the geographic regions are converging around Southern Scotland. This agrees with surname and Y-DNA and historical folklore. The Mediterranean (.33) data seems to be converging with Liguria, Italy (.94). Bucharest, Romania (.81) remains constant and significant in all trials. However, the African data seems to be mixing with the Eastern European (.54) and Finno-Ugrian (.49) data. The only significant African match is in Tunisia (.87), even thou the West African (0.34) score is significant as well as African-American (0.62) maybe this suggest an admixture which would agree with mt-DNA and my parents' surnames. Native American and Asian data seem to be past 1850 which agrees with family history.


            • Hi,
              For those of us trying to find out whether we have NA ancestry, check out the Tribes blog and have a look at Cassie's entry!
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              • Originally posted by burto
                For those of us trying to find out whether we have NA ancestry, check out the Tribes blog and have a look at Cassie's entry!
                I'm amazed that her grandfather was Irish or Scottish and she got so many Scotland and Ireland matches. She says the full Native American ancestor was several generations back. Maybe that has something to do with such a low NA score.


                • Not holding my breath

                  Originally posted by Maria_W
                  Yes, I was hoping to see the Southeastern data too but I guess it just isn't ready yet. I was told later this year. Still will not committ to a date yet. Not sure what later means! ...snip.... Hoping to score some with the Southeastern data! I really don't have much
                  I wonder if they actually have samples? I'm betting that Cherokee may not be willing to offer samples since the recent vote to oust the Cherokee Freedmen. They might not want to know if any admixture with freed slaves was evident at this point.


                  • Native American Panel

                    Originally posted by Maria_W
                    Here are the categories from my Extended Match Report.

                    1. Here is my Native American:

                    Below 1
                    1. Coastal Salish (British Columbia, Canada) .03
                    On world region match I get:
                    Salish .03

                    Lucas told me yesterday that the Southeastern Tribes are high up on their list this year, but he wouldn't commit to a date! I am pretty sure thats where all of my heritage comes from and thats why I am not getting any scores !

                    2. Here is my Mestizo:

                    Below 1
                    1. Mestizo (Guatemala) .04
                    2. Mestizo (Ecuador) .03
                    On my world region match I get:
                    Mestizo .56

                    3. Here is Peurto Rican:

                    Above 1
                    1. Peurto Rican (Springfeild, Massachusetts) 6.73

                    4. Here is my Hispanic:

                    Above 1
                    1. Hispanic 1.94
                    2. Hispanic 1.06

                    Below 1
                    3. Hispanic (U.S.A.) .30
                    4. Hispanic (Michigan, U.S.A.) .10
                    5. Hispanic (Florida, U.S.A.) .09
                    6. Hispanic .08
                    7. Hispanic .03
                    8. Hispanic(Minnesota, U.S.A.) .03
                    9. Hispanic (Arizona, U.S.A.) .03
                    10. Hispanic .02
                    11. Hispanic (Conneticutt, U.S.A.) .02
                    12. Hispanic (U.S.A.) .01
                    13. Hispanic (New York, U.S.A.) .01

                    5. Central America

                    Above 1
                    1. Costa Rica 2.0
                    2. Costa Rica 1.4

                    Below 1
                    3. Central Mexico .98
                    4. El Salvador .19
                    5. El Salvador .08
                    6. Valley Of Mexico .07
                    7. Chihuahua, Mexico .05
                    8. Mexico .01
                    9. San Aljo, El Salvador .01

                    6. South America

                    Above 1
                    1. Caracas, Venezuela 11.03
                    2. Santa Catarina, Brazil 10.70
                    3. Brazil 7.6
                    4. Rio De Janeo, Brazil 6.51
                    5. Santa Fe, Argentina 6.22
                    6. Belem, Brazil 5.81
                    7. Bahai, Brazil 5.78
                    8. Mendoza, Argentina 5.35
                    9. Benos Aires, Argentina 4.60
                    10. Maracaibo, Venezuella 3.74
                    11. Benos Aires, Argentina 3.33
                    12. Brazil 3.00
                    13. Bogata, Columbia 1.26
                    Below 1
                    14. Misoines, Argentina .79
                    15. Chaco, Argentina .44
                    16. Columbia .41
                    17. Paraguay .34
                    18. Chubut, Argentina .24
                    19. Bocaya, Columbia .17
                    20. Columbia .11
                    21. Neuquen, Argentina .06
                    22. Brazil .03
                    23. Benes Aires, Argentina .03
                    24. San Alejo, El Salvador .01

                    So any comments?

                    Maria have you taken the Native American Panel . Ive taken 3 and numbers and populations seem to change, Im sure you'll be alot higher with more populations, alot of mine just drop off and a couple where added


                    • Originally posted by taba2much
                      Maria have you taken the Native American Panel . Ive taken 3 and numbers and populations seem to change, Im sure you'll be alot higher with more populations, alot of mine just drop off and a couple where added
                      Oh, my mistake, its in the extended match report, sorry, Im new


                      • Originally posted by Noaide
                        My top 5 matches (percentages indicate strenght of the matches compared to other matches, not admixture):

                        Country Prop
                        Italy 12 %
                        Denmark 10 %
                        Netherlands 10 %
                        Estonia 7 %
                        Spain 6 %
                        I got the D2 and D19 markers for ENSFI, the country ranking changed somewhat:

                        Denmark 14 %
                        Netherlands 12 %
                        Italy 12 %
                        Spain 6 %
                        Scottland/Dundee 5 %

                        The profile seem to move more westward as Estonia went out of the top 5. I have no recent affiliation with any of these countries. In my case the test result and the geneology is in disagreement. Probably 10 loci cant discrimante properly and assign me to the closest related population.



                        • I just recieved some new information from the tribal historian of the Potowomeck. This new information cx


                          • Mistake.

                            I accidently hit the send button before I was done!


                            • Possible Mattaponi connection!

                              I just recieved new information from Bill Deyo, Tribal historian of the Potowomeck. If this new information turns out to be correct, it connects me to the state recognized Mattaponi Tribe of VA. Both of us have alot of intensive research to do before we can consider it valid. But I am very excited over the prospect. So bring on that Southeastern tribe data!


                              • Originally posted by Eki
                                Also blood type A seems to be more common in Central Finland than in surrounding areas in a similar manner than Portugal has more blood type A than its neigbours:
                                There is supposedly two types of bloodtype A. Type A1 and A2. The A1 is common, while A2 is rare, but quite common among the Sami.