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    I am wondering about using FamilyTree vs other services. FamilyTree does have a liddell project that my surname is listed in. So is this my best bet? And is a 37 pair test the best bang for the buck? I am a male decendent.


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    Family Tree DNA certainly has--by far, I think--the most American clients, and probably the most clients worldwide too, especially if you include the enormous Genographic project of National Geographic, which uses FTDNA behind the scenes and which, according to one report, has already tested 185,000 individuals (yDNA and mtDNA total).

    More clients means more matches, in general.

    Do you mean this Liddell project?

    This project assumes that Liddell comes from Liddesdale. I guess that makes sense, but then there's also another applicable project (for non-Americans, apparently):

    With respect to how many markers: Since you appear to have western European ancestry, I would actually suggest you just immediately order the full 67 markers, if you can afford it. Western Europe has undergone several phenomenal population expansions in the last 2000 years or so, which has resulted in large numbers of similar haplotypes (patterns of marker values). In other words, you may need the full 67 markers to distinguish genealogical relatives (a common ancestor within the last 500 years) vs. more distant relations (a common ancestor 1000 years ago or more).

    If you were, hypothetically, not of Western European ancestry, I would actually recommend an entirely different course. I would suggest that you get tested through the Genographic project, because for $100 it gives you 12 markers and guarantees to find your haplogroup. For anyone not of Western European ancestry, this typically requires a special haplogroup test at no extra charge, whereas FTDNA charges $65-79 for it. Unfortunately, this course has the disadvantage of a double delay: a 4-8 week wait for the initial Genographic result, then another 4-8 week wait for the upgrade to 37 or 67 markers. (There is no way to order the upgrade until after the Genographic results arrive.)