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Y-DNA showing a trace in autosomal scores...

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  • Y-DNA showing a trace in autosomal scores...

    I have seen a few people maintain that they can predict some possible autosomal affiliations based on one's YDNA haplogroup.

    However, I am (old) I1b2 and show no affiliation with Mediterranean Europe on ENSFI. Tribes says I have a tiny Mediterranean affiliation in Continent Match. It is my lowest score by European region.

    Moreover, since old I1b2 is an offshoot of I1b, one would think maybe I would show some matches in Eastern Europe or the Balkans. According to ENSFI, this is not the case.

    the one possibility -- and it is only that -- is Portugal, which is about is my sixth-ranked country in the results. Portugal I believe has low levels of I1b2. But it is not a very strong score. I have no known Portuguese ancestry.

    I would like to hear if any others have taken this. Please PM me if you are I1b2 and have taken an autosomal test, as it would be interesting to try to ascertain where it is being "heard" in the results, if only faintly.

    My top matches are in Nordic countries, where I1b2 is at very low levels.
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