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  • Pamunkey

    Am trying to find someone that specializes in Pamunkey genealogy research. The family I descend from is Miles.


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    Potowomeke used to be Pumunkey

    First off I wish you luck with your search. Do you know anything about your Pumunky ancestors? My Potowomeck ancestry comes out of the southeastern United states. Virginia, Maryland. My ancestors and yours were part of the Powatan Confedracy during the 1600's. We lost most of our ancestors when the English killed us during the late 1600's. My ancestors were Pumunkey untill Wahunsunacawh( brother to my ancestor, Japasaw) changed Japsaws tribal affliation when he made him a petty weroance and we became Potowomecke. So would love to hear from you. Have a nice day. Maria


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      Good to hear from a fellow Pamunkey. I desend from Daniel Miles and Frances (LNU) who were the first of the Miles to live on the reservation in the late 1680's. There is a long line of descent, all the way down to the current Chief, William Swiftwater Miles, although there are some gaps in between due to courthouse records being destroyed by fire in the Civil War.
      We have also had a continual family legend of our descent from this Native American family and other known Pamunkey names such as Wynn, Terrill, and others that other relatives married into.
      Had a match with Michigan Native American (Algonquin) which matches with the Pamunkey who were also Algonquin.
      Are you a member of any tribe?


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        I'm not researching the Pamunkey families myself but there is a rootsweb mailing list for those who are:

        NA-PAMUNKEY. A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the Pamunkey Tribe, part of the Powhatan Confederacy. Some Pamunkeys still live on the tribe's original land which is located adjacent to King William County, Virginia. Additional information can be found on The Pamunkeys website. To subscribe send "subscribe" to [email protected] (mail mode) or [email protected] (digest mode).


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          One more link in case you haven't seen it---here is the Pamunkey Tribe website.

          Maybe Chief William P. Miles is your cousin.