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Chimera case to be on TV tonight

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  • Chimera case to be on TV tonight

    In the US tonight, Aug 16, ABC Primetime "Medical Mysteries" will tell about a case of chimera. A woman who gave birth to 3 children, dna tested that she was not related to them & the court wanted to take away her children. (9 PM some localities, 10 PM others, check your local TV listing). Or you can read about it on the website.
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    Well, I watched the program. They did not say if the dna testing used just the X chromosome or if they tested the mtdna. Since the kids didn't match her, they must not have used mtdna. They should have. That would have showed a match. I wonder how many chimeras are there out there. I thought I saw a reference some months ago that some scientist thought that maybe as many as 1 out of 7 people in Britain was a chimera. I find that hard to believe. It sure would screw up genetic genealogy. So, folks, DNA is not infallible. I guess we should remember that if we're on a jury.


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      Chimera Genes.

      My Mother was watching this story of the Chimera family on Medical Misery's (I call it Misery because everyone on there is so messed up,no offense),though the show is quite fascinating.I don't watch a lot of tv,because I find myself doing other things at the time or sleeping.She mentioned that the woman's children weren't her DNA and so they were thought to not be her children.I'll have to read about it on ABC if it's still on there -like I said ,I didn't watch it.My Mom's been watching it every week,just about. Maybe there is a bad or odd and unexplainable side to this life and you see some of it on Medical Mysteries. Maybe FamilyTreeDNA should test those parents and their three children? Maybe FTDNA would have an answer.Maybe. Oh,by the way,exactly whose genes did they have?


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        In very unusual cases, people can have different cells in their body with different DNA; hence Chimera. In some cases two fetuses can become one in the womb.

        The woman, whose three children were taken away by welfare authorities because they did not match her DNA, was eventually confirmed as the mother. She had different DNA in different parts of her body. Traditionally, it was believed that most Chimeras are sterile but this may not be the case. The number of people who are Chimera is unknown, but probably not very high.

        In terms of juries, a lucky criminal may escape conviction if s/he is a Chimera. The chances of a wrongful conviction using untampered or uncontaminated DNA is virtually nil.

        What I thought was interesting is that some people on the program were literally half white and half black and others had checkerboard patterns of colour on their bodies. Amazing!



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          I didn't see the show but here is an interesting article I found. It also addresses Micro-chimera which is something which affects us all:


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            Actually Pleroma, the link you provided talked mainly about "Jane". It was her case that provided the needed clues & info for the Washington state woman to have her genetic mystery solved & have the state stop threatening to take her children away. --- In the article, I found the statement about a chimera having different colored eyes to be personally interesting. I have a 1st cousin who has 1 blue eye & 1 hazel eye. She herself is a mother of twins. Further back, we have a twin son of a great aunt who had 1 blue eye & 1 eye that is half blue & half brown. His identical twin has 2 blue eyes. Since twins are associated in each case, I wonder if either is a chimera. I doubt she is willing to be tested to find out, since there is no compeling reason to---just pure curiousity on my part & that's not enough.