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  • Anyone else experienced this?

    Following my Mum taking the AncestrybyDNA 2.5 test, they recently sent her another disk saying that they had made an error on her genotypes (oo-er!) because her sample was hard to read. Should we ask for a re-test? Are these results actually valid?

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    Are you saying they sent her a new set of results because the previous ones were incorrect?

    In any case, they should offer to re test for free!


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      They sent another disk saying that her sample was hard to read and her first CD contained a genome profile that had errors on it. So they sent another one with the corrections.
      However they reckon this doesn't effect her MLE? Not sure where we stand with this one...I'm a unhappy that they have said her sample was hard to read (they even suggested that it may not have been her sample )..they reckon if it had been 4 markers then they would have asked for a re-test but it was only 2 so they won't bother.
      Any suggestions? Surely any error could potentially bugger up a result?


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        This is a disturbing development.

        How long has it been since they sent the original report? And/or why did they revisit their work after the passage of time? And/or why does their quality control lag weeks(?) months(?) behind their shipment of results?

        I would ask for a retest - new sample, new extraction, new sequencing, new report - especially as they broached the subject of mixed-up samples.

        BTW did their re-reading of those two markers change the overall conclusions?



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          It's been about a month since we got the first results. They sent the new disk last week. It took six weeks for the first results to come through.
          They reckon that it didn't effect the overall conclusions, so I don't know where we stand. I'm not happy, but can't afford to pay for a retest.
          They have said as it was 2 markers not 4 that were wrong they will not do free re-test so guess we're stuffed.