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Crypto-Jews among Spanish-Americans

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  • Crypto-Jews among Spanish-Americans

    I found this study today in another forum. It appears to be recent, however, I think FTDNA will publish date from another study conducted by Behar. What is your opinion based on these data?

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    Regarding E3b, the results from the link above for M123 and M-78 were:

    "Markers observed within Hg E (Table II) that revealed similar frequencies between Spanish-Americans and Iberians, and substantial differences in frequencies between those populations and Jews were: M123, absent in Spanish-Americans, less than 1% in Iberians, and 10–12% in Jews; and M78, absent in Spanish-Americans, in low frequency (4.7%) in Iberians, and observed in 12.5% of Sephardim. Within Hg J (Table III), marker M267 was observed at 4.3% in Spanish-Americans, lower frequency in Iberians, and 11.9% in Sephardim."

    E3b M-81 didn't have substatial differencies between populations (except between Sephardi Jews and Ashkenazi Jewish), the respective numbers found from Table II were not included, I add them here: 5.8% Spanish-American, 5.4% Iberian, 5.0% Sephardi Jewish and 0.9% Ashkenazi Jewish.

    The conclusion was: "Our results indicate that, other than a small American Indian component, the Spanish-Americans of New Mexico and southern Colorado are indistinguishable from Iberians in terms of paternal ancestry. Although Spanish-Americans undoubtedly have some Jewish ancestry, they appear to have no more than do Iberians. The crypto-Jewish scenario proposed by Hordes (1993, 1996) is refuted by these results. The criticisms of Neulander (1994, 1996) are well founded."

    It seems reasonable to me.