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Announcement -- Y-DNA J2 marker analysis results

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  • Announcement -- Y-DNA J2 marker analysis results

    Hello all,

    The J2 Y-DNA project currently has 175 members

    This e-mail is to:

    1) Announce a very interesting new result in the project.

    2) Announce the completion of phase two of the project analysis.

    We will be unsubscribing after making this announcement, so therefore any questions and/or constructive comments should be made offlist to the project e-mail address.

    1) We have had one project member (SNP tested as J2* in YCC nomenclature) receive DYS 413 results of 22,22. According to the Sengupta et al. nomenclature system, this haplotype would most likely be classified as J2a* (assuming that it is M410+, like all M12- samples in Sengupta et al.'s 2006 study). The node for this haplotype has now been coloured yellow in the network diagrams. It will be interesting to see if there are any additional J2a* haplotypes in the project, and whether their haplotypes are similar (theoretically J2a* would be the most paraphyletic of all the "subclades", so could be quite a divergent grouping).

    2) The project "second phase" preliminary analysis has now been completed, and is now displayed on the public area of the website.

    The project still believes that it is important to clearly delineate between preliminary findings, and 100% scientifically confirmed fact. We (the project administrators) have decided that it would be better to release the preliminary findings in public (so all can benefit), but will explicitly state that the findings are not yet 100% scientifically confirmed (and thus achieve the desired delineation that way).

    The second phase analyses consist of seperate Histograms for each STR marker, divided by main subclade (clades in YCC nomenclature for ease of use), with statistical analyses for each marker, to determine whether there are any significant differences in marker distributions between the different subclades. We hope this will be a very useful resource for all.

    These marker analyses will be reanalysed in future, as the number of SNP tested haplotypes increase. The next analysis phases will aim to translate these results into a more practical and easily understood form, and well as further quantify and validate the results.

    The next project network diagram analysis is due to be ready in two weeks time, and at that time we hope to make an interesting result announcement (once we have received confirmation).


    Costa. Tsirigakis
    (Project founder and administrator)

    Angela Cone
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