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How can I test this?

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  • How can I test this?


    As part of my genealogy research I have contacted what I believe to be a far away relative. I believe that we should roughly have the same ancestor about 5-7 generations ago.

    The comman ancestor is my great.great.great...grandfather from my father's side. But it is from the mother's side of the person whom I believe is my relative.

    We are both willing to take the test to see if we are related, but would it still work if he is related to me from his mother's side?

    (We are both male)

    Your response would be greatly appreciated.



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    I don't believe you can test that with the existing tests. Your "cousin"s DNA comes from his father, and yours from your father. They are different genealogical lines. Does your "cousin" have an uncle (mother's brother) who is descended from your probable common ancestor in a direct male/male line? If so, he could have the uncle (or the uncle's male child if there is one) tested to determine whether you are related. Otherwise, you will have to rely on documents and records to determine relatedness.