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RecLOH and 11/11 at 385a/b

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  • RecLOH and 11/11 at 385a/b

    Anyone else here have 11/11 at 385a/b?

    I understand that is the result of what is known as a recLOH (Recombinational Loss of Heterozygosity) event and it messes up calculating genetic distance somewhat, since it is a single event that can cause a jump in the marker value that recLOHs.

    For example, most R1bs have 11/14 at 385a/b. 11/11 there would mean a single-event mutation of 3 steps at 385b.

    Does that mean that someone who is 11/11 at 385a/b probably really has a genetic distance of only one from the normal 11/14 there?

    Or is it impossible to tell?

    I found this brief explanation of recLOH.

    There is a man in my surname project from whom I have a genetic distance of four (at 12 markers). Three of those four steps come at 385b, where he has the usual value of 14 and I have the recLOH 11. We are off by one on one other fast-mutator (DYS439), where he has 12 and I have 11.

    If my value at 385b is the result of recLOH, then aren't he and I really only off by a genetic distance of two?

    BTW, I have already emailed the man and asked him to upgrade to 37 markers. He never answered me. Maybe he's dead.