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Half Sibling might be full Sibling?

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    Not related

    Originally posted by John McCoy View Post
    There's also the possibility that parents were related to each other! At least that possibility can be tested on GEDmatch, there's a tool for that. In order for this possibility to seriously distort the results reported in this thread, the relationship of the parents to each other would have to be rather close, and thus easily detectable by the "Are your parents related" tool on GEDmatch.
    According to GEDMatch, the parents are not related. B+ is the blood type of my other sister whose kit might be part of a mix up (same type as our mother). There are other kids on the father's side with a different mother so might see about getting them to take the test too.

    Thanks again to all who are helping me!
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      If you're determining paternity based off of military dog tags blood type, don't. My dog tags say I'm A+ but DNA and 2 pregnancies says I'm actually O+. I've found others who were typed incorrectly as well.