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Lab Results: Whose my daddy?!

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  • Lab Results: Whose my daddy?!


    I am confused about my results. Now on the original "Family Finder" links me to this individual as "Relationship Range of 3rd Cousin - 5th Cousin" with shared "Centimorgrams as 43, and longest block as 22". When I go to the "Family Tree" and enter my parents. On my father it has a "Link" show up and a "Family Finder" marker applies to the father icon, I select the "Link" and the information I entered on my father is replaced with another individual. Is this a mistake or do I have a surprise biological-Father?
    What are the parameters of the relationship and centimorgrams? Shouldn't these numbers be higher for this individual to be my Father?

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    The shared centiMorgans between a parent and child is usually within range of 3400.00 cM.

    ISOGG has a good page on autosomal inheritance and the amount of shared centiMorgans between relatives.


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      Who's your daddy?

      Clearly it's not the guy you linked your father's profile to.

      When you manually add a person to your ftdna tree and there's someone else in the ftdna database with a similar name, you get a prompt asking you to "link" this person. If you choose to link them, then the program inserts that person and their details into the profile for your person (in this case, your father).

      How to undo this ... If the linked person has dna-tested (shown as a coloured arc around part of the profile icon), click on their icon and select "View Profile". This takes you to a page where you can edit the profile; once you're there you can "Unlink this person" (see the options at left, under the person icon on this page).
      I'm not sure whether you have this option if the linked person hasn't tested. So if you don't see the "Unlink this person" option, try "Delete this person" and then add your father with his correct details.

      You can always "dismiss" the link that the program suggests. It's best not to "link" unless you're absolutely sure that the suggested person is the correct one