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56 percent Native American?

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    Is there another test I can take that gives me the percentages as you spoke of, for example, you said- my results show that I am 56% native american? I did the mtDNA, via Genographic Project. Thanks


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      H haplotype -

      I came back haplotype (h) with mutation-16292T and 16519C same as you. I do not see my percentages.

      Originally posted by shoshone

      I came back as being a (A) haplotype through my mitochondrial DNA Meaning Native American. I took two test. The first said I was as follows:

      83% Sub-saharan African
      13% European
      4% Asian

      My mutations were at 16223t, 16290t, 16291t, 16319a, 16362c, 16519c.

      Any one with similar results? I found many matches from Mexican indians, Quatemala, choctaw, Seminole, and several Puerto Ricans, one with an exact match.

      My family hails from North Carolina. My mother told me that some members from her mothers side were Indians. The Rumor had been strong. I did some family research. Then things started to fall into place. I mean many people say they are this or that for prides sake but sometimes the truth will be revealed and it may not be what we want.



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        You can find the test at Ancestry By DNA ( They used to call it the DNAPrint test but now it's just AncestryByDNA.


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          Native American

          Where is every one getting the Native American percent? I did not find any print that you are all talking about on my test results. I only got the Haplotype.



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            No percentage on mtDNA


            The mtDNA test only tells you what is your haplotype not a percentage of any ancestry you may have.

            Ethnic percentages are estimated from Autosomal DNA, but that is a whole different test with a different company. Please read the previous post to yours.


            Originally posted by janine
            Where is every one getting the Native American percent? I did not find any print that you are all talking about on my test results. I only got the Haplotype.



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              I just started checking out this site! Interesting, I've always known that I was a multi-ethnic (multi-racial), and I've always told people that on applications. Sometimes, I would even have a little fun on the application and just say Caucasian because my family name is Japanese, or I would put Japanese because I look "Caucasian," and I was only allotted one choice. I'm 6'3," I've always wondered where that came from; everyone in my immediate family is way shorter than me. My father is Japanese-American both his parents born in Japan. My grandmother told us that her grandfather was Spaniard, but that her grandmother was Indian, and I think apache from the stories I remember. Grandma also told everyone that she was half Irish, but that, I found to be a mistake according to the family name which is German decent. I think it's a bit amusing that some people are disappointed, happy, and sad in their Indian % origin. My dad used to say that some words in Japanese have similar meaning in some Native-American languages, and that the people long ago migrated through Alaska. I don't know what words or where he heard that.

              Being half Japanese and from reading here I suspect that my readings would say that a good percentage of my DNA is native?

              I look forward to having my test done.
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                You might end up being mostly East Asian if you're half Japanese. Some Native Americans do get a small percentage of East Asian on the test because they do originate in Asia but I think their DNA changed since then. There's a difference now between the two in the test.


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                  Gotcha! My fathers's parents came from Japan in the last century. That makes sence Cindy.