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    I tested an elderly relative after years of considering it, so I'm not interested in putting their DNA results on a second site. I need to work with the tools I have on FTDNA. Their atDNA resulted in just over 2000 matches. Is this considered a lot? I'm certainly over whelmed. I know how about 5 relate to us, but they didn't have any new information to share with me. Nice to know I did my research correctly though. The rest... wow, mostly 4th to remote cousins. So many have extensive family trees, going very far back within the USA, yet the surnames and places aren't matching this relatives 95% Canadian ancestors, who also go very far back in Canada and one US state. I know their tree completely back 5 generations and some lines further back still. Yes, there could be matches over in Europe somewhere, but why aren't I seeing at least one common surname or at least a common place on someone's tree to give me a clue. 2000 matches and no new ancestors.

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    I have 5525 matches at FTDNA and have strong Colonial American heritage. At GEDmatch, my 2000 matches are all over 16.5 cMs.

    At FTDNA, those with Ashkenazi heritage can tend to have considerably more matches.
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      I have 755, none of whose surname is anywhere on my paper trail of 1,500 - 1,600 names. So if you feel lost, you're not alone.

      The Family Finder test has been on small use to me. If you're related to someone notable, chances are that there will be quite a few others on your list who have tested for that ancestor as well. Let's pretend you have a distant zigzag line of grandparents on your paper trail that led to Abraham Lincoln. You want to confirm the paper trail. Search for Lincoln in your search browser. You get some trees who may have Abraham Lincoln's name directly on it or some with the last name Lincoln on it. Select up to 5 people, turn on the chromosome browser and look at the connections - put it on 1 cm. The more the chromosome connections between people on that list that are the same and especially the longer the segment match, the more I would say you could have confirming evidence that you all share a similar ancestor.

      But yeah, sorry to say but if you're looking to find recent surnames you recognize, you will have better luck with an autosomal test on Ancestry since it's the most popular.
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