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How (and whether) to order FF after Ancestry V2 transfer?

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  • DigitalDragon
    Thanks, travers, MoberlyDrake, and Jack. That's all very good information that helps me, especially having FTDNA delete my AncestryDNA when I'm ready to order FF. That's a possibility I hadn't given enough thought to. There's no reason to have both AncestryDNA and FF results.

    Jack's comments about a possible FTDNA chip change is a definite argument for doing the FF sooner rather than later. I expect I will do it eventually anyway; the one problem with doing it now would be if I need to upgrade from Y-37 to y-67 for identifying my real paternal grandfather and great-grandfather. However the FF is likely to help with both this and several other family mysteries, so maybe FF might be more important than a Y-67 upgrade. I can't afford both the Y-67 and FF.

    Right now I'm inclining towards doing the FF soon and gambling that the Y-67 won't be necessary. I'm just beginning to learn about DNA, so I'll appreciate opinions from more experienced folks here.
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  • georgian1950
    I appreciate the limited budget. In that case ordinarily I would say be patient and wait on the Y-37 results and then reconsider FF. The test periodically comes on sale and timewise your sample will already be in storage at FTDNA.

    One problem, which I do not know the answer about and I wish FTDNA was more open with the status, is that the current chipset used for FF is being phased out by the manufacturer. At any time FTDNA could start using the new chipset, but it is not clear how many of the SNP's which FF now uses will be retained.

    The last chance for getting the old test may be coming very soon, or you could order but get the newer (but likely inferior for genetic matching) test.

    I am not sure what to advise.

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  • MoberlyDrake
    You can also call FTDNA and have them delete your Ancestry upload and then buy Family Finder.

    My FF test that I purchased here has 934 matches.

    My sister, who transferred from Ancestry has only 146 matches.

    That might give you some idea of the difference.

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  • travers
    If you are on a limited budget I would just stay with the transfer and not do Family Finder. Yes, you are missing out on the smaller matches but the smaller matches are harder to work with anyways unless that is what you want to do. Doing Family Finder won't provide "significantly better" results just the same as what you have but more smaller matches. If you are set on doing Family Finder having two accounts isn't that big a deal, if it bothers you that much just have customer service delete the Ancestry transfer from your account and then order Family Finder to that same account.

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  • How (and whether) to order FF after Ancestry V2 transfer?

    I transferred my AncestryDNA V2 to FTDNA a year ago and recently have been learning about the limitations of Ancestry V2 compared with Family Finder. I've looked into ordering an FF test, but the website won't allow me to order it on the same account with the AncestryDNA transfer. Apparently I have to create a new account. This creates a problem because I've just ordered a Y-37 test on that account. It would mean that my Y-37 and FF test results would be in different accounts.

    Am I misunderstanding something? I'll appreciate any comments either about how to resolve it or whether the FF test is sufficiently superior to the Ancestry V2 test to be worth ordering. I phoned FTDNA yesterday and was told there was only a "negligible" advantage to ordering FF. I'm on a limited budget. I can't afford the FF test unless there's a reasonable hope of it providing significantly better information than Ancestry V2.

    My immediate goal is to determine whether my real paternal grandfather was my grandfather or his maternal cousin (I don't know who the cousin's father was). They were in Great Britain. I'm also trying to learn about my maternal grandfather's ancestry in Germany. I haven't been able to learn anything about his ancestry beyond his parents, either through genealogy research or DNA.

    I've done a lot of genealogy research but am fairly new to DNA.
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