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How do I manage a kit/account for relative?

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  • How do I manage a kit/account for relative?

    I want to have my father's line tested. Since my father passed away 16 years ago, I plan to ask one of his brothers to test. I plan to order and pay for kit, but do I submit it under his name? How do I set this up?

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    When you order the test, the process will ask if the person testing is male or female, and will also ask for the name of the tester. You can put your uncle's first and last name, with or without middle initial, or some prefer to put initials with last name, only initials, or an alias. So, yes, you would register him under his own name, as he prefers it to be shown. You can also change the name later, from within the account settings.

    If you want the kit to be sent to your uncle, put his address in the contact information. This, too, can be changed later in the account settings. If he will be visiting you, or lives near you, you can have it sent to your address. Make sure he completes the Release Form that comes with the kit, so FTDNA can show his matches.

    While the DNA of the person who has submitted a sample (your uncle) ultimately belongs to that person, another person (you) can manage the kit. Typically the person paying for the kit is allowed to access that kit, by agreement with the person who tests; otherwise, the tested person should compensate the person who paid for the kit.

    You should put your email address, if you will be managing the kit (keeping track of the matches, etc., if he is not interested). If your uncle wants to manage his own kit, you can put his email address, but be aware that the kit number and password will be sent to whichever email address you enter.

    Whoever gets the kit number and password should make sure they save them, in order to log in to the account. If you intend to manage the kit, you should make sure this is understood by your uncle and is acceptable to him. In that case, make sure you put your email address, so you get the kit number and password via email. You can share this log in information with him.

    If the kit is mailed to your uncle, ask him to save the tracking number and send it to you, so you can keep track of the kit's progress after he has used the kit and mails it back to FTDNA.

    See a discussion on this topic at

    NOTE: I will add that if your uncle is elderly or in poor health, you can ask FTDNA to include extra vials (by phone, once you have the kit number and your uncle's name). Kits come with two vials, but if you ask for extra, usually they will send three vials. If you plan to do a lot of tests in the future, you could see if they would send four vials. It's good to have the extra vials ready so he can do all the swabbing in one or two sessions. Sometimes people don't want to (or can't) do it at a later time.
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