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  • New Terminal SNP

    I've just logged in and looked at my DNA matches and discovered that in the last week three of my matches have changed terminal SNP. Two have a matching new Y SNP (I presume named by Y Full) and the other a different Y SNP. The other 5 matching people remain on the same , original, SNP.

    The new terminal SNPs are downstream of the rest of us. On the FTDNA haplogroup page, these new SNPs are in blue. My understanding is that blue denotes there is a test for these new SNPs but as Big Y was supposed to be definitive am I to wait to see if that of the rest of us change terminal SNP (are FTDNA re-evaluating all terminal SNPS) or are we expected to pay to test these new SNPs? At Y Full we all (bar the person who has the unique SNP mentioned above) still share the same R-Y34345 terminal SNP.

    As you can tell, I'm confused. I'd be pleased to learn if anyone can shed some light on what is happening? Thanks.

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    Do these matches have Big Y 500. If so it could be cause by the recent naming of new SNPs. See

    If the new SNP names start with BY they were named by FTDNA, if not what do they start with?


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      Thanks. Yes,all testers have Big Y 500 tests but the new SNPs begin Y, which I believe is Y Full naming. Y Full though still have the whole group bar one of us under R-Y34345 (FTDNA under R-BY4236) with no differentiation. FTDNA have now allocated two of the group two new Y starting SNPs and the other man not in the main group, a new, different Y starting SNP.

      If these are Y FUll SNPS I don't understand why Y Full have not made this differentiation. Nor am I clear whether we need to pay to have these new SNPs tested for the rest of the group.


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        Chaser, you can check if these SNPs were tested for you or not.

        Go to "Big Y-500" -> "Results"; stay in the default tab "Named Variants" and go down to the SNP table.

        Type one of the SNPs (Y132277 or Y132276) in the first filter box, below the "SNP Name" table header. Select "Show All" in the "Derived?" filter box in the second column. Now only this SNP should load and show in the table.

        When it has been found - does it say 'No (-)' in the second column "Derived?", next to the SNP name? Then it was tested for you successfully, but you don't have any mutation in that position, and are not part of the new subclade.

        Or does it say '?' in the second column? This would mean you have not been successfully tested in that position, and therefore it is unknown whether you are part of the new subclade.

        Check also for the second SNP.