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  • Change Account Name to an Alias

    Forum messages state you can change the kit name at any time. I paid for a kit for an individual and used her real name. Do I go into the account info and just change to an alias? Or how is this done?

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    Just discussed that topic a couple of hours ago

    Please see
    Changing my name...

    Post again, if unsuccessful.

    Mr. W.

    DNA testing might reveal true identity, so having X. Y. is not enough. If the other person is afraid of the genetic testing consider not going forward with it.

    Otherwise X Smith or Y Smith, where Smith is replaced by the family name at birth is a good middle ground. Sex is visible anyway, so I use either X or Y depending on the tester sex. Gender is irrelevant in DNA testing.
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      Thanks Mr. W. I was afraid to edit the contact information and mess something up. Tester has no qualms about the test, I just did not want her full name out there at this time.