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How does My Matches decide maternal or paternal?

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  • How does My Matches decide maternal or paternal?

    I have some maternal 2nd & 3rd cousins in my list of matches. I added some of them to my tree and presto-changeo, they all now have a red marker and are indicated as maternal matches on the list. I found a few, more distant, cousins on my father's side and added them to my tree. Nope. No blue paternal indicator for them.

    Can someone point me to the description of how FTDNA decides if someone is a maternal or paternal cousin? Thanks.

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    See the links in my post from March. FTDNA says, "The Family Matching tool is not limited to Parents and uses anyone currently linked to your tree between Parent to 3rd cousin." If the paternal cousins that you linked are more distant than 3rd cousins, that's why they don't show the blue indicator, or help to filter your matches.
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      Any match that shares the same segment of DNA(9cM minimum) that your share with a linked maternal or paternal match, will be placed in the same maternal or paternal tab.

      Maternal and paternal tabs phase the your DNA into its maternal and paternal values based on identified/linked matches.
      Unphased data for each SNP has two values, Phasing separates each SNP into their single maternal and paternal value
      ie)Unphased SNP = AG, phased maternal = A, phased paternal = G
      Once Segment is phased, any of your matches that share this phased segment is then identified as maternal or paternal depending on which side of tree you have linked match which phased segment.


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        GPS Origins

        Anyone try this? Is it worth the money? Does it give what it claims?


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          Originally posted by Miamio View Post
          GPS Origins
          Anyone try this? Is it worth the money? Does it give what it claims?
          Wait, what?? I thought the subject of this thread was how maternal and paternal matches were assigned? You should create a new thread for a new subject.

          In spite of the above, I will say you should carefully read this review:
          The GPS Origins test does not provide meaningful results and has no practical application for the genetic genealogist. If you wish to use your raw autosomal DNA data from one of the commercial testing companies to get an alternative admixture analysis I recommend using one of the free services such as DNA.Land or GedMatch instead."
          Caveat emptor!