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I'm 10% Middle Eastern, my parents are not?

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  • I'm 10% Middle Eastern, my parents are not?

    I was looking at the my origins maps of my father, my self and both maternal grandparents.
    Something jumped out at me and I am confused.

    I am the only one who shows Asia Minor and Middle East. And at 5% each.
    I am the only one who is 10% middle eastern.

    How do I have these 2 areas at all if neither parent had it?

    Thanks for helping if you have any insight.

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    While extracting DNA data is an exact science, the statistical process of interpreting the data is not. There are a lot of head-scratchers in some of the ethnic origins interpretations.


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      Don't put a huge amount of stock in the ethnicity estimates, especially if you get significantly different results on different sites. I also got a small percentage of Middle Eastern ethnicity on here (which I can't explain either), but it completely disappeared when I reuploaded anywhere else. My major numbers, to be fair, have stayed fairly consistent and unsurprising from site to site, but the stuff down in the 10 per cent or below range ends up saying completely different things (some more explainable than others) everytime I upload it somewhere new.

      Predicting ethnicity from DNA isn't an exact science -- there are certain gene patterns that may tend to be more common among certain populations than others, but almost none that are so unique to those populations that no outsider could ever match them just by pure chance. And any DNA matching site is only going to be as good as the pool of people who happen to have tested there and the reliability of the site's prediction model, which is why some people even get wildly different results when they reupload their data from one testing site to another (and why the Family Finder matches become less reliable the more distant the predicted relationship is.)

      Just remember, it's an estimate and not a guarantee. Try a few different sites to see how your ethnicity estimates vary (which they probably will), but don't assign it too much more importance than a "what muppet matches your personality?" quiz on Facebook.
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        I think also that some populations seem similar to the algorithms used to determine which ethnicities you match, depending upon the amounts and combinations in your DNA. Your "combination" may possibly look like one that is different than your parents' and interpreted as a different group.


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          Every site that I uploaded to has me at different Mediterranean percentages. As a Jew,a lot of people are getting these results.If not Iberia or Southern Italy,its West Asia.I even have North Africa and Nigeria.I understand that Jewish history is the Mediterranean.I have stopped trying to figure it out.Ged Match is the best in depth site.