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Centimorgans, Block and X-Match

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    Since most people who do DNA testing do it without any previous exposure, what is needed is a set of instructions on how they are to deal with their results. And they probably need to be as simple as possible. The fact that someone is actually trying to use their results instead of just looking at their ethnicity report and never signing in again is great.

    I doubt that anyone here could ever agree on the best way for newcomers to DNA to proceed with regards to segment length versus total DNA, pile-up regions etc., but it would be great if we could get people off on a good start without scaring them away with advanced arguments.


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      Interpretation is relatively easy. The longer the segment, and the greater the number of long segments, the greater the probability that the relationship is genuine and close.

      Since the size and total volume of shared segments is extremely variable for relationships more remote than the 1st or 2nd cousin level, it usually does not pay to give advice more specific than that.

      So easy, but not precise.

      I only introduced those technical details to refute a serious mis-interpretation, and prevent further confusion.