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  • Question about testing

    I am waiting for the results for my grandaughter,which I will manage.I did not put my tree in,because it’s extensive and we have thousands of matches already.Her own tree is of importance.Because she is my family member,however,will all those thousands of My matches from my family
    Show up for her also? I realize that she gets 25% of my DNA,but hopefully
    None of my family info will bombard us! We did autosomal,for her,so I am thinking mine will outweigh her own.I doubt anyone has even tested with FTDNA from her side.Its possible we might have her father test.We want ethnicity more than anything else.Any comments? thanks in advance.

  • #2 has about a dozen ethnicity calculators, each having different options for different tests. They all give different results. My wife's ethnicity is different on and using the same data. A big grain of salt is in order.


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      I am aware of all that.My question was ,will all my matches show up up for her too.? Being we are closely related? She gets 25%from me as a grandparent.Do not want my matches....we need to find hers from her family.


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        Originally posted by Miamio View Post
        My question was ,will all my matches show up up for her too.?
        Will ALL YOUR MATCHES show up for her - NO.
        Will many of your matches also match her - yes, probably.
        However, on her Kit, once results are in, you can easily click on your Profile and then click "Not In Common With" which will eliminate all those you two share.

        Originally posted by Miamio View Post
        Do not want my matches....we need to find hers from her family.
        "her family" is not separate from your family.
        "her family" includes all the relatives of her father's father, and of her father's mother, and of her mother's father, and of her mother's mother.
        When you say "her family", which one or ones of those are you meaning to ask about? [I truly want to ask 'why', but am not sure it is relevant]

        Is her father your child, or is her mother your child?


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          I see that loobster posted much of what I was typing up, but here are some links to use the tools for your granddaughter's kit, as well as yours or anyone else's:
          If you put a tree specific to her in her account (meaning leaving off her maternal branches, if that is what you want), you can then link anyone who's tested at FTDNA from her paternal side to their place on that tree, even if you do have to test her father in order to get a paternal relative. This will allow her matches to be phased into the paternal tab. You may already know how to use these tools, but here are the links, just in case you don't:
          Some of your matches will also show up as her matches. There is nothing you can do about that, as they are her ancestors and relatives, too. But you can filter her matches with the tools above.


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            Thankyou! Her mother is my daughter.We want her paternal side.We already have ours. I was wondering how this could be done to eliminate the redundant list of my matches.


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              Real life examples (25% expected):
              • X has 618 matches
                • 69 in common with grandchild A = 11%
                • 105 in common with grandchild B = 17%
              • Y has 890 matches
                • 121 in common with grandchild A = 14%
                • 141 in common with grandchild B = 16%

              The same people, but percentages calculated from the other side (25% expected):
              • A has 610 matches
                • 69 in common with grandparent X = 11%
                • 121 in common with grandparent Y = 20%
              • B has 766 matches
                • 105 in common with grandparent X = 14%
                • 141 in common with grandparent Y = 18%

              If that is possible, please test your daughter.

              Mr. W.


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                To see which are her potential paternal matches, as mentioned select her match to you on her list and select Not in common with.
                Remaining will be her maternal Grandfather and her paternal matches.

                If her maternal Grandfather is tested, select yourself and use in common with, download Filtered Matches csv.
                Do the same with her maternal grandfather (selecting in common with and download list)

                Download her entire matchlist csv.

                Remove all the matches which are in both in common with file. Remaining will be her paternal matches.
                Note distant matches (labelled in with Remote label) may still be linked with her maternal side, these matches just did not show up on yours or her grandfathers list due to FTDNA matching criteria (ones that only share a single longest segment under 9cM)