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Strange changes to "My Origins"

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  • Strange changes to "My Origins"

    Theese new results on "My Origin", a change from previous results on the same page, with Family trees new algoritm is very strange. The new one doesn't match my old results and I think the new results are quite wrong. I went from:
    93 % scandinavian, 4 % eastern europe, 3 % british (and that all sounded very plausible from my 12 years of reserch in church archives, to something that is not...). Now your results tell me:
    58 % scandinavian, 38 % british, 2 % finland, 2 % east europe. I beleve your new aloritm conserning the british part is all wrong, mixing it up with west coast Swedish. In my familys history for the last 8 generations (all lines) there are no british at all and much of my reserch go way back much futher - no british in sight at all! All written records confirm that my family lived in Sweden with only a small amount of mix with finland/poland (2 persons). The 3 % british in my first results were a bit shocking but still plausible as a quarter of my family lived stationary on the Swedish west coast around the islands of Tjörn and Åstol. A little mixture across the sea with the british isles sounded plausible, but not that almost 40 % (loads of people) should have decend from there. I belive you've changed the algoritm to give wrong results. I stay with the old ones as these are confirmed by my own reserch. I think this strange changes makes your percentages less credible. The specifying in a finish group I must say is an improvement in accuracy. According to church records I'm 1 % polish and 0,1 % finish so this part matches. But I don't know what you say... The british part is very, very strange to me, so much that I concider it to be all wrong. Please comment.