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    Hello just want some insight. I did my ancestry dna test some time ago and got Great Britain at 21% lower than expected plus 20% Iberian Peninsula unexpected as neither of my parents were Spanish or Portuguese. Now there is a long standing Timor that on my mums fathers side is Jewish Ancestry however my test seemed to debunk that as (European Jewish) said 0.0% however my best match on ancestry who I share 176 Cms on 9 DNA segments is 50% Ashkenazi and we don’t share any areas but Spain and Europe south in common really odd. Going down next 12 matches have Jewish in their results ranging from 2% up to 18% and one later is fully Ashkenazi. I’ve found some cousins with names matching my family who show Jewish as well. Also on Gedmatch I get 4.50% Ashkenazim on Jtest and I cluster with about 8 Jewish matches two full Jews on chromosome 15 in same location. Does this point to a Jewish Ancestry after all??

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    Long standing Rumour sorry my phone went weird!


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      I am Ashkenazi high percentage with Sefardic roots.On FTDNA I am not a
      Sephardic jew( as I am on every other site) I am North African.All my matches are Jewish Diaspora everywhere.If my testing site was FTDNA,
      Why doesn’t Sepahrdic show up as it. Does on every other site? I think
      You need to upload to,other sites and a GedMatch......may find an answer.