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Help (please!) with understanding my DNA results

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  • Help (please!) with understanding my DNA results

    Hi There

    I am new to the forum and to DNA so apologies if I am asking things that have already been covered. I am sure there are lots of people on here who know more than I do about this. My recent DNA test came back as 51% Western European, 34% Irish, 10% Scandinavian, 2% Southern European, 2% Caucasus and 1% Finland/North West Russia. I ran my raw data through Gedmatch admixture and it looks as though I have a number of different origin countries contributing to that. To my knowledge there is no Spanish, german, french or Hungarian in my family tree. I am intrigued to find out where my 51% Western European DNA is from. Any help in interpreting these results or ideas for running further tests to find out more would be very welcome.
    Many Thanks in advance

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    My advice is to totally ignore the ethnicity results and pay attention to any matches at the 1st-3rd cousin range, and the higher ones in the 2nd-3rd cousin range, to see if you can work out where the two of you may match.