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  • newbie but need to ask questions

    My Dad has y67 and 1've done ff... so join a dual project.. all I've seen on these so far is ydna.. am I missing something and how to they show ydna and atdna. Does Dad specifically need to do ff? sorry the more I've read here the more confused I've become

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    I have no idea what a "dual project" is, etc. So leave that to others.

    But I definitely recommend, now or when on sale, upgrading your Dad's kit to add FF - definitely do NOT order new kit for it, do it as upgrade from his current Kit.

    And if you have other ancestors still alive, consider trying to have them do FamilyFinder as well.


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      Thank you... my thoughts were ff for Dad...and yes upgrade... only want to know a fewish years first hit 2nd to 3rd cousin, he was in fact my 6th great uncle. Have a few X matches too...