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  • Confusing matches

    I'm fairly new to this DNA malarky and am confused about two recent matches. I took a test via My Heritage which gave me a match (0.6%) with a lady in Canada who I have established is a second cousin (ie her Grandfather was my mother's Uncle). I then had a strong (24.6%) match with another lady here in the UK who also has a faint match (0.1%) with the Canadian lady.
    I'm puzzled as to where my relationship with the UK lady lies - paternal or maternal as the strong match seems to suggest a paternal link but in which case where does the faint maternal link come from?
    Does this mean that I have a half sister who also has a common ancestor on my mother's side way back?

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    Can you give your matching amounts in terms of Shared cMs, since that is what FTDNA uses, so that is what I think in.
    I think MyHeritage shows it someplace as well, so it should be possible.

    Two folks are Second Cousins if they have grandparents who are siblings.
    you mother's uncle would be a sibling of a parent of your mother -- so a sibling of one of your grandparents - so if that is her grandfather then yes, second cousins.
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      Confusing Matches

      Thank you loobster, the matches are as follows.
      UK lady 1,385.3cM, 30 shared, 155.6cM is the largest.
      Canadian lady 260.6cM, 10 shared, 41.7 largest. Her great grandfather (not grandfather as I originally said) was the brother of my maternal grandfather, and her match was 3.6% not as stated originally.


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        Confused Matches

        Sorry, the Canadian lady is the Grandaughter of my Grandfather's brother NOT Gt Grandaughter. (Told you I was new to this).


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          913owen - may I ask whether you're male or female?

          The reason I ask is that I'm wondering how you might be able to use X-matching to help.


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            Confusing Matches

            Knew I should have put that I'm male