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  • Filter "surnames in common with"

    When I use this filter, it shows some matches with apparently no surname in common with the ones in my list. Only 1 does match a surname the other 3 don't.

    does anybody know why?

    Thank you for your help

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    FTDNA has a really loose surname comparison feature it seems. Any name in my list like "Wood" or "van der" or "van" something is considered an "in common surname". Examples: surname in my tree, Wood and someone else with the name Haywood in their's, somehow considered in common.

    It's frustrating, but it isn't hard to sort through these errors, just time consuming.


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      There is also the difference between surnames in common and proper nouns in common. "String" searches cannot account for anything but strings (text letters in order), they cannot search for a noun that has been translated into another language or altered, such as Zlotkin and Slatkin, both used within the same family. If you are a Baker, you might be genetically related to a Backer (with an umlaut over the a) or Nadia Boulanger or [fill in the blank with any other version.] Finding DNA samplers with these would require the list of surnames or trees to show more possibilities than the mind could easily deal with, and that is just for one name.

      As spruithean implies, we have to live with these limitations in a digital world and wade through a lot of "information," our ancestors seem to have made an effort to defeat the digital age at every turn.
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