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Y-DNA Testing. No Match, No Relative.

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    Originally posted by darroll
    I’m the new guy on the block. I was raised on a farm on the left coast, some summers were spent in Wyoming. In 1959 I decided it was time to vote. I went to their office, was asked for my signature, signed the card and left. A few weeks later I got my Democrat voter registration card. I still have the same card today. I sure don’t follow my party’s affiliation though. I was asked a question when I was in school by my teacher. She asked me if someone blacked my eye, ran and hid in the outhouse, what would I do? I told her that I would push over the outhouse and pull the guy out by his heel (does this sound like Iraq?), then adjust his attitude. She replied NO, you go home and report it to your Mother or Myself. I got their number real quick.
    I had my Y-DNA tested by FTDNA. The 12 point test matched a cousin that was 8 or 9 fathers away. This was a perfect match. I can not accept the notion that there are mutations in the 12 point Y-DNA test. I think DNA testing is more powerful than we give this procedure credit for. My thoughts are: this is just a case “if it don’t fit, force it”, or I do not have to do anymore genealogy research because it is close. If you do not have a 12 point match, you are not related. It’s simple as that. Thanks, dc

    welcome to this group of miffits and ,malcontents you should fit in nicley if you fall into human dna