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  • Merging kits

    I have completed the Family Finder kit and the MtDNA kit. When I log into either of them I can only see the one test. How do I merge these two tests so that I can access both from one login?

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    Sigh. One should have been ordered as an upgrade of the other.

    Call, cry on the shoulder of Customer Service person who answers, maybe you will get lucky.
    Elsewhere saw someone report they were told not possible to get it done - but please do not take my recollection as gospel without trying.

    if not possible - best I can suggest --
    Since MtDNA costs way more than FamilyFinder, wait till FamilyFinder is on sale, then order it as an upgrade from the kit with the MtDNA test on it.


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      The mtDNA test isn't likely to be all that helpful. You shouldn't have to log in to that one very often. I'd just keep 2 separate logins rather than buy a second FF for myself if FTDNA won't merge them. And in the future, remember to login to a person's account before you buy more tests for them.


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        I had same question I asked a short time ago to no answer.

        I've only taken FamilyFinder in 2016, haven't received any new tests- and I submitted a "Contact Us" form request on FTDNA shortly after I placed my order last Saturday but haven't heard back in email.

        I wanted to buy 2 new FamilyFinders for 2 family members, and mtDNA + Y-67 for me.

        So add mtDNA + Y-67 to my existing FamilyFinder kit.

        Yes, I know 'normal' way is to 'upgrade' to mtDNA & Y-67 within existing kit.

        But Valentine's sale ending that day substantial discounts made cheaper to buy a full new 3-part bundle of FamilyFinder, mtDNA, Y-67 than to just upgrade existing FF kit. (Would not allow me to add sale bundle to my kit# since I already had FF.)

        I wanted 2 new FamilyFinder tests for others & add Y-67 & mtDNA to my own, it made obvious financial sense to buy 1 bundle & 1 new FF by itself. shouldn't be difficult to move the Y-67/mtDNA tests I bought out of the new FF bundle kit to combine into my existing FF kit instead?

        Altogether I've paid for
        3 FamilyFinder tests (1 in 2016; 2 now, 1 in bundle)
        1 Y-67 (1 in bundle)
        1 mtDNA (1 in bundle)

        If I were a brand new customer buying the same stuff now, I would've bought the whole new 3-part bundle for me on my kit and the 2 FF test kits by themselves, I'd just like that same arrangement (requiring slight re-arrangement by customer service requested before anything sent out?).

        FamFinder was even $99 back when I bought it, wouldn't make sense to penalize existing customers...?


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          Yes well....

          Thank everyone for the information. The two kits were a Christmas gift from my son. I guess I will continue to log in separately. Maybe at some time in the future they will figure out how to merge kits. Thanks again.


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            cindyg If kits are for the same person, you have to phone FTDNA to merge the kits

            ph # : 713-868-1438