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Quick Help Sale Bundle END TODAY mtDNA & Y-DNA Tests + FF?

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  • Quick Help Sale Bundle END TODAY mtDNA & Y-DNA Tests + FF?

    Hi, a bit confused right now with FTDNA website. I made my first post a few hours or so ago asking about my myOrigins results in "myOrigins Basics" but it hasn't shown up, haven't heard anything, hopefully this post shows up!

    With my luck I noticed there is a sale ending TODAY on bundles of FamilyFinder with MTDna and Y-DNA tests and then I noticed FTDNA customer service phone hours are only Monday-Friday and today is Saturday...

    So I was just curious if anyone here could answer before the clock strikes midnight whether both kits of the bundle deals must be used by the same person?

    I already took FamilyFinder and was interested in possibly taking mtDNA and/or Y-DNA tests, but I was also interested in getting FamilyFinder autosomal tests for my parents and sister to take.

    FTDNA won't let me buy any bundle with FamilyFinder if I'm logged into my account with my existing FamilyFinder kit.

    If I bought a bundle of FF+Y and/or FF+mT as a new customer could I take & link my mtDNA or Y-DNA results to my existing FamilyFinder kit/account while giving the new autosomal FamilyFinder tests to family members to take?

    When I'm logged in to myFTDNA and click "Get Yours Y-DNA Haplogroup" or "Get Yours mtDNA Haplogroup", there is no discount.

    $169 for Y-37 by itself. $199 for mtDNA by itself.

    But then there are bundles apparently expiring TODAY:
    FamilyFinder+Y-37 $199
    FamilyFinder+Y-67 $299

    FamilyFinder+mtDNA $229

    FF+Y67+mtDNA $473

    These are significant sales I don't want to miss, I would like to buy one or both bundles, but will I be able to split the bundles up between different people (i.e. I take Y/mtDNA myself, family member takes FamilyFinder tests)? Connect my Y/mtDNA to my existing FF kit?

    Second, could someone help explain why/whether to get Y-67 vs Y-37 and mtDNA? (Yes, I am male.)

    I've done searching including on this forum, in old posts people write mtDNA is a waste if I've already taken 23andMe (I have) and gotten my maternal haplogroup from 23&Me?

    23&Me also gave me a paternal haplogroup, what exactly would FTDNA Y-37, Y-67 (or Y-111!) test provide different from 23&Me? Is it just different # of markers?

    Website says more markers means "more refined" results and Y-67 is necessary for Group Project participation...

    Can someone explain in simple amateur language what do you get for paying LOT more to test more Y markers?

    I'd rather pay more upfront to get good results right away with more markers than just start with cheapest inaccurate results and waste money upgrading to more markers later on...but in simple English what exactly would more markers mean in terms of what I would get from my test result?

    I would say all this on a phone call with customer service but now I've waited too late with sale ending tonight so if anyone can answer promptly I would be much obliged!