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  • Working Out Cousin Match - Confused

    Hi all,

    I am wondering if you could help me please figure out where this DNA match fits.

    My mother has a DNA match on GedMatch and shares 270cm with this person.
    The 10 segments matches are:

    67.9 cm
    36.1 cm
    23.8 cm
    12.1 cm
    29.1 cm
    11.5 cm
    13.1 cm
    15.2 cm

    So quite large segments.

    The match is male and my mother shares no X chromosome segments with him.

    I have seen this matches tree via Ancestry and they only have his 4 grandparents listed. I do not recognise any of the names or locations in relation to my comprehensive tree.

    My mothers maternal grandmother was illegitimate and I have a missing space on my tree regarding my mother great grandfather.
    What I am wondering is, could I be dealing with a half cousin relating to this illegitimate relative? My illegitimate great grandmother was born in 1913.

    The match informed me his paternal grandfather was adopted and they don't know who the father is.

    Also how do I know if I'm dealing with a cousin that might be once removed etc?

    My mum was born in 1961, the match in 1978.

    My mums mother 1939, matches mother and father early 1940's. Not sure how helpful this info is.

    Any advice would be very helpful, thanks

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    Not sharing on X means nothing, X can only be used as an aid if one is sharing ...

    See the following chart for the possible relationships sharing in the 270cM range


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      I have a tree on Ancestry that's private and not indexed called "DNA Clues" I use it to construct trees for some of my close DNA matches. Copy your match's tree and try to add a couple of generations in order to see if you can find a common ancestor or place.


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        Thanks so far for the replies

        MoberlyDrake - Thanks this is a great idea, going to do this and see if I can find any clues to the common ancestor.

        prairielad - Thanks for the link, yes I have been looking at something similar trying to figure out the generation and cousin. It looks like it would fit into half 1C1R or 2C or Half 2C. I think it's likely they are a half. So this probably makes half 1C1R more likely than anything else due to the amount shared?