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Different Results on a Brother's Haplogroup

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  • Different Results on a Brother's Haplogroup

    A friend took a Y DNA test with Familytreedna and his Haplogroup was E-M2. His brother took a Y DNA test with 23 and Me. His Haplogroup was E-M96. They are believed to be full siblings. Should their Haplogroup numbers have been identical even though they tested with different companies?

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    Haplogroup assignments depend on the SNPs tested. Each are just tested to a different subclade level.

    Both are only partial haplogroup assignments,
    SNP M96 (E-M96) is the defining SNP for Haplogroup E (Parent Branch of Haplogroup E)
    SNP M2 (E-M2) is the defining SNP for a subclade branch of E.

    E-M2 is also E-M96 , just a deeper subclade branch.
    E-M96 > E-P147 > E-P177 > E-V38 > E-M2

    If they both had different Haplogroup other the E, then one would question.
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      Thank You!!!

      Thank you so much for your response. I definitely appreciate it!!


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        At this point FTDNA has only predicted the Haplogroup. 23andMe has done minimal SNP testing to determine a Haplogroup and therefore assigned a downstream Haplogroup.


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          You could encourage the E-M2 brother who tested at FT to join the E1b1a - V38 project. It is really exceptional. The administrator participates actively in the ongoing discussion/questions/comments section.


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            Considering both companies reported that they belong to some level of the E haplogroup I would rest assured that they are related.