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    How do I get the matches list to show middle names. I manage two kits with the same names. Only the middle name distinguishes them viz:

    Frederick James Bloggs
    Frederick Michael Bloggs

    both display in the matches list as Frederick Bloggs (not the real names). The profile contact information has the full names entered but this makes no difference.

    Oddly, another kit that I manage, Elsie Janet Bloggs, displays in full on the match list. Her details are entered in the profile in exactly the same way as the others.

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    The only difference in the two examples you mentioned seems to be the length of the names, such that the second name will not be displayed if the total number of characters (first name plus second name) exceeds some threshold. I'm guessing some web programmer was behind a rule like that, but it is not helpful for genealogy. This rule would cause confusion for many families. Clearly, we prefer reports and displays that display complete names.


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      Middle names always show in the downloaded spreadsheet versions of the match lists


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        How many characters is it for each part of the two (real) names which currently don't show the middle name, including first, middle, last and prefix or suffix (and any spaces, if hyphenated)?

        I ask because one of the kits I manage has a couple of matches with very long names, which are shown on the match list in smaller font sizes than the other matches with fewer characters per line.

        Character count per line for the above matches' names, as shown in the match list:
        Example 1
        • the first name is on one line (9 characters)
        • the first part of the hyphenated surname is on the second line (18 letters, 1 space and a hyphen, for total of 20 characters)
        • the last part of the hyphenated surname is on the third line (9 characters)

        Example 2
        • the title, first name and middle name is on the first line (29 characters, including a period and 2 spaces)
        • a three word phrase in parentheses is on the second line (19 characters, including 2 parentheses and 2 spaces)
        • the surname is on the third line (8 characters)

        I would think even if your undisplayed middle names had a maximum of 29 characters, they would show on three lines, too, in one of the smaller font sizes. In my browser, the long names in the smaller font sizes appear to be either about the same size as the font for level of cousin in the "Relationship Range" column, or in the second example, even smaller. Perhaps the coding for the page includes scaling the font size down to fit very long lines.

        If none of the three names you want to show are equivalent to the longest lines in those examples (20 or 29), it's time to contact Customer Support with the question.

        You might also consider using initials, or abbreviations if possible, if it will get the name to show.


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          The actual names that won't display the middle name are:

          Edmund James Reed and Edmund Michael Reed. There are no prefixes or suffixes.

          So, counting spaces, there are 17 characters and 19 characters

          Elspeth Janet Riches (20 chars) and John Stuart Reed (16 chars) both display the middle name okay.


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            Cracked it

            It seems to have been a browser problem. When I edited the profiles in Safari and Chrome, the middle name didn't show. I downloaded Vivaldi and did it in that and all good. Go figure.

            BTW Safari, which is, for me, far and away the best Mac browser (most the time) has trouble linking matches to the family tree - it won't. I have to do that in Chrome.


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              Glad to hear a browser change allowed you to see it properly. I was using Firefox, and saw what I reported (smaller font size for long names). I had not heard of Vivaldi, so will have to check that out.