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understanding low confidence DNA regions

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  • understanding low confidence DNA regions

    I recently received my DNA results, and I was not surprised about my major ethnicity regions - 26% Europe West, 25% Scandinavian, 24% Great Britain, and 17% Ireland/Scotland/Wales. However, I have several low confidence regions - Iberian Peninsula 4%, Europe East 2%, European Jewish <1%, Europe South <1% and, most surprising, African Southeastern Bantu.

    Since DNA inheritance is random, is there any way to determine how many generations back that these trace DNA entered my lineage? I would be pleased to have family connections with all of these regions.
    Thank you.

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    A good way to check these low confidence results is with GEDmatch. If a small amount of something shows up repeatedly using the different tools, a good bet is that it is real. Chromosome painting is very helpful in this regard also. As for determining how many generations back an admixture occurred? That is tricky with small amounts and would probably require old-fashioned genealogical research.