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  • Match, no match

    How is it possible to have a genetic distance zero match with Y-67, yet not have a relationship show up at all in Family Finder for the same individual?

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    Assuming the individual has done the Family Finder test, the reason is that the Y-DNA relationship is so far back that the two individuals share no autosomal DNA or the autosomal DNA they share is below the minimum threshold of Family Finder.

    You get a RANDOM 50% of your autosomal DNA from each parent, 25% from each grandparent, 12.5 from each great-grandparent, etc. Go back a few more generations and you get no DNA from some of your ancestors due to the randomness of inheritance.

    Y-DNA, on the other hand, is passed from father to son virtually unchanged for hundreds of years.


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      Thanks, but with the genetic distance of zero on the Y67 test, the TiP report shows a 90% probability of being related within 4 generations. I guess we're in that 10%....


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        Are you in contact with your Y-DNA 67 match? If you both uploaded your Family Finder data to Gedmatch, you could then do a one-to-one Gedmatch comparison to see how closely (or not) you match.