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Adding Family Finder after taking Y-37 test

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  • Adding Family Finder after taking Y-37 test

    It may not be considered an "upgrade", but I was disappointed that my father's Y-37 test didn't have the ethic makeup percentage (like Family Finder). I understand now that is from the autosomal DNA. Is the only way to get this is to also buy the Family Finder package? I couldn't find any information on this. From what I read my father shouldn't have to take a new test though.

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    Yes, the ethnic makeup is called "myOrigins" at FTDNA, and it is a part of the Family Finder test.

    Since your father already has his DNA sample on file at FTDNA, any further tests, such as Family Finder or more Y-DNA testing, can be done on it without requesting a new sample. I think "new sample" is what you meant by saying that your father shouldn't have to take a "new test." If he does a lot of testing, of course, he may need a new sample eventually.

    If your father is elderly, it is always good to ask for extra swabs & vials, and get another sample from him, if you plan on doing much further testing.