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Confused by my Y results

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  • Confused by my Y results

    I had my DNA test done few years ago through the National Geographic program and had the results transferred to FTDNA. My haplogroup has changed over time and the latest is E-L117, which is an African lineage. Most African Americans are in this haplogroup as are many in Africa. I'm not African American, but Italian American on my father's side. Of course there is probably some African DNA in there somewhere, but when I got my Family Finder results last week there is a 0% in each of the three African locations, 76% in European and 23% in Middle Eastern. How can this be possible? Is it possible the Y results belong to someone else?
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    It is my understanding that E-L117 is more Middle Eastern/East African in origin, rather than Subsaharan African. E-L117 is found around the Mediterranean, Balkans, among Jewish populations, etc.

    By the way, I have male cousins who carry the y-haplogroup E-P277, which is Subsaharan African in origin. With a great deal of research (genetic & genealogical) we found we are descended from a West African man from Senegambia in the 17th century. Most of my cousins, however, show no Subsaharan African in their atDNA (although, I do show a small amount). The reason is that our African ancestor was so far back that those West African genes were diluted to the point of disappearing, even though the y-haplogroup remains.


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      see following Most of the subclades for this branch show North Africa and southern Europe
      E-l117 is equivalent to E-M35


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        Have you done any SNP testing? Are you in the E-M35 project? They were able to narrow down the E subclade for one of the kits I manage.

        Your Y ancestor is so far back that you don't carry any autosomal DNA from him. You might inherit 0.2% of autosomal DNA from a 7th g-grandfather, but your Y-DNA comes from thousands of years ago, beyond autosomal DNA.

        You can see the many subclades of haplogroup E, and E-M35, at