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Best test for verifying family connection ?

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  • Best test for verifying family connection ?

    I try to verify a supposed link between our family in Finland and a supposed ancestor in Sweden.
    In Finland I have traced a male line to his supposed arrival in Finland in 1793 when I find him in the church records. Correspondingly I have traced the lineage for the supposed ancestor on the Swedish side (born in 1771), through his father and down through the generations. I found male lines starting from his brother, branching into two main lines that give me several now living male relatives that could give DNA samples.
    Which tests would be best to make on persons at both ends of the lineages?
    Should I open a project within FTDNA with me as administrator, into which the tests would be entered? This, I think, would ensure that both the tested persons and I will get the results of their respective tests, and I would be able to compare all the results.
    In order to manage the project, I feel that I need to order the test kits and distribute them to those to be tested. Can I do this, and then, should they send in the samples directly to FTDNA or should they first return them to me to register the tests into the project?