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What test do you suggest after R1b - M343&M269v2 ?

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  • What test do you suggest after R1b - M343&M269v2 ?

    Hello everybody, I'm very new in this.

    I've got autosomal done, full mt sequence, and Y111
    I'm now waiting for the results of R1b-M343&M269v2 package.

    As I don't understand the advanced tests offered by FTDN, I would like someone to suggest me some interesting test to do as the next one.

    Thak you a lot

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    About the only things you have left are more SNP tests, SNP Pack tests or Big Y.


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      After Testing, What's Next?

      Now that you know where you come from (mtDNA/Y111), all that's left is for you to tell the story of how you got here.

      Beyond these major tests, additional SNP testing can be used to prove/disprove relationships in your family tree. DNA testing also offers biomedical markers related to disease, diet and health that could have a profound impact on your lifestyle.

      As I await the results of my own mtDNA/Y111, I'm working fast and furiously, with what time I have left, to fill in all the gaps in my family tree with names and dates.

      This is the challenge. Names and dates beyond a few hundred years.