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How long can DNA last in FTDNA's tubes?

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  • How long can DNA last in FTDNA's tubes?

    From working in a lab, I know it's common practice to keep DNA stored at -20 degrees celsius; and that DNA stored more than a few weeks at a 4 °C fridge is usually considered unfit for experiments. FTDNA however, does not have any send-by-date on their DNA kits. Does this mean the buffer they have is so strongly protective that they don't need one?

    Is it mentioned anywhere on the website how long one's samples can hold out in FTDNA's buffer until they are too degraded for sequencing? Or do they perhaps share the brand name of the buffer they use?

    I'm asking because more than 3 weeks have passed between the time I sent them my samples and the time they have received them. Would my samples still be usable for sequencing?

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    On this blog article there's some information about the storage and the processes at FTDNA:

    Search for the words: "The recipe for the liquid in the sample vials", that's where they say it's the salt concentration. I know that's probably not the specific information you look for, but I came to stumple upon this today and found the article quite interesting.