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My origins results quite stranges

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  • My origins results quite stranges

    Hi all, does anybody could explain me why I got 38% Iberia result on family finder whereas I'm from burgundy (as all my family on both sides except one branch from normandy)?
    We checked until 1700's without spaniards !!
    I assume typical french admixture contain iberian DNA, but 38% is quite high...
    Don't you think ??
    I guess this result could only be explained with a 100% spaniard grand father, and its not the case !!
    So how to explain it ?
    Thank for your help

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    It seems to be the norm for French to have Iberian ancestry, not an exception. In addition, this test goes back thousand of years, so it is not contradictory that all your ancestors were only French in the last centuries, since this test goes deeper, although it is not fully correct.


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      "Merci beaucoup" for your answer Geborgenheit !


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        Actually, FTDNA describes their Family Finder test as going back 5 generations for matches (generally thought of as 4-6 generations, or anywhere from 250 to 500 years). See "Autosomal Tests (Family Finder)" in the FTDNA Learning Center.

        Although they do say on that page that the myOrigins part of Family Finder "can go back in time much further than your matches," my understanding is that it's not usually thousands of years. Perhaps others more knowledgable will post here.
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          myOrigins and a grain of salt

          I had a similar situation. My Autosomal and mtDNA results just showed up and there were no real surprises. A lot of 4th cousins,most of whom seem quite reasonable matches. My mtDNA exactly matches a bunch of folks in SE Sweden. The only little surprise was that myOrigins showed 60% British Isles, 22% Scandinavia (plus a trace of Finland). So far so good. And 14% SE Europe (e.g Italy, Greece). Now my maternal grandfather came direct from a little village in the Swabian Alps, where I was able trace his ancestry back to the 1700s. Yet myOrigins shows no Central or Western Europe. I'm currently trying to contact some of the cousins who have that line to see if they also show a SE European admixture. I've also run my DNA through some of the models on GEDmatch and they all come up with a Mediterranean component. There's also a trace amount of eastern Mediterranean (e.g. Palestine, Syria) which is intriguing, even though it may be in the noise. Don't worry, I'm not trading in my leiderhosen for a fustanella but I wouldn't mind a little Mediterranean DNA. They're much more fun than the Germans.