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    Hey all,

    Complete DNA newb here. l'm not able to post on 23andMe's forum despite calling customer service to try and see why the post and reply options aren't there for me, so here l am. Very big forum :-)

    My 23andMe results keep getting a little stranger depending on where l transfer the raw data.

    If l had simply gone with this data things would make more sense but l was curious about the ''broadly'' Southern European.

    At GED Match, the Broad category is specified as Balkan and increased to about 37% with 11% West Asian and a small percentage from India.

    At GeneCove, the result is similar, making me about half Mediterrenan with a lot of Middle Eastern influence.

    With other calculators l've used and l believe GED match, the Balkan was specified as Albanian.

    The reason for my testing was pure curiosity. Our surname on my father's side is Spanish, but not a common Spanish surname (much more common as a Spanish first name).

    l researched it for a few years wondering where the surname came from and found it on a few lists of surnames documented as Portugese during the Spanish Inquisition (Sephardic families exiled from Spain).

    l know next to nothing about what Sephardic dna might look like. l thought, if so, l might have small Ashkenazi percentages in my results somewhere, but none so far. There are some Ashkenazi distant relatives on family finder tools.

    Another confusing aspect here for is which results to go with based on the varying percentages.

    My aunt took the Family Tree DNA test and scored lower Mediterranean percentages than l did (although about the same as my 23andMe result). Her results are specified as Italian with NO Balkan or Middle Eastern percentages.

    How is that possible? Is it? l know that the way DNA is inherited can be described as ''random'' based on what l've read,

    it just seems like the percentages might be more random between siblings than my scoring higher than my aunt (or potentially father). My mother's family is fully NorthWest European as far as l know, with a small subsaharan influence, but no Mediterranean ancestry should come from this side.

    Thanks for any help and apologies for questions that might be asked every day, here! l'm reading the forums and realizing how much l don't know, yet.
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