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  • YDNA upgrade and DNA for Dummies

    My whole purpose of buying a DNA kit was to maybe find my biological father (don't even know his name) or possible relatives from his side.. I got the test thru My Heritage, which brought me to this site. This is all so confusing with halogroups, autosomal and so many more terms I have never heard of. I am going to buy the Y37. Does anyone know if it is another test sent thru the mail or do they just "upgrade" persay with the results I already had done thru My Heritage?
    Also, I have actually looked for "DNA for DUMMIES" lol because it IS so confusing. Seems I really must understand the terms just to navigate thru FTDNA. Didn't really find any pertaining specifically to my needs. Anyone know of something out there that can help me in an easier way? I read it 10 times and still am confused.
    Thanks for ANY help!

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    You may have to get a new kit.....although FTDNA did the labwork on your MyHeritage sample, so your kit is likely in the building. I just don't know if FTDNA has an agreement with MH to use the kits for FTDNA purposes.

    Here is a well organized tutorial..
    not sure if some chapters might be old, but I can see some of the chapters have been updated.

    Y37 is a good idea to get your genetic surname. No guarantee your bio-father had it but very likely. Results just depend on who has tested.

    You should also take AncestryDNA, on sale in Dec since they have the mega database of 7 to 8 million, many with good trees.

    For a quick advice, on autosomal tests, concentrate on the top few, those above 1.5% or 100 cM. These are the lower ranges of 2nd cousin. Below that, you are going to have a tough time, unless you see something else that looks promising.

    And if possible, test your mother or any close maternal relative. 1/2 siblings, aunts/uncles, gp etc


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      "DNA for Dummies" book

      RNusser, the book "The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy," by Blaine Bettinger, is recommended often. You might like to check it out.


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        Thank you!

        Just wanted to say thank you, both of these have helped tremendously! I at least now feel I can start a real journey!!


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          Try contacting them. I also bought my kit from MyHeritage and I would need to buy a new one from FTDNA to get my haplogroup. So I e-mailed gene by gene and they fixed it.


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            Originally posted by mabrams View Post

            You should also take AncestryDNA, on sale in Dec since they have the mega database of 7 to 8 million, many with good trees.
            I couldn't agree with this more. I am illegitimate and have an adopted mother. I have no clue who I am family wise. I can't make a Family Tree with more than myself and my mother.

            I tested with FTDNA and my closest match was one 3rd cousin. I uploaded that data everywhere that would allow such as GEDMatch, etc. No better results.

            I tested with Ancestry when they had the Black Friday sale and got my results about 3 weeks later. I have four first cousins and eight second cousins listed.

            When I started learning how this works I found that two first cousins match each other and me. The other two cousins match each other and me so right there I have probably found my paternal and maternal sides. The same is with the 2nd cousins. Half match me and one 1st cousin group the other half the other set of 1st cousins.

            I was so reluctant to spend the money on testing at different sites. I do wish I would of know what little I know now and would have tested at Ancestry first and just uploaded to FTDNA and paid their small fee. I just upgraded my FTDNA kit to a Y-67 to see where that goes. I will test at 23 and Me when I get a little more disposable cash.

            EDIT: forgot to add, one first cousin on each side has very extensive family trees. One side has almost 11,000 people listed. The other has over 1000 listed. I have learned more from these two family trees than almost anything else I have looked at.