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Pros and Cons of Influx of New Testers

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  • Pros and Cons of Influx of New Testers

    More testers mean more people to compare your DNA with however, FTDNA is considered by many to be the go to company for the most serious family researchers. FTDNA has a great reputation for their integrity in testing and protecting their customer's results.Due to the growing popularity of DNA testing primarily to determine ethnicity, will FTDNA continue to be the go to site for those who try to be more meticulous about the accuracy of their trees and are quite serious about family research?

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    For me the influx of testers is definitely a good thing, my top match on (who ultimately led me to my bio father) only took the ancestry test because of the TV ad's showing how it could give you insight on where you came from, he had no idea that it could help people trace family members :-)


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      Pros and Cons of Influx of New Testers

      Excellent point. We can all help each other and learn from each other. Thanks for your response.


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        How Can There be a Con?

        The more people who test the greater the chance of finding matches. How could that be a bad thing?