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degree of cousin-ness?

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  • degree of cousin-ness?

    I have a predicted 2C with whom I share ~275cM, longest segment ~64. I also have a predicted 1C/2C with whom I share ~399 cM, longest segment ~86. Both are older (2C is 10 years older, 1C-2C is 13 years older). Could that 1C-2C actually be a 1C1R? Could the 2C also be 1C1R? They are confirmed 2C to each other. Could age difference mean anything in the lower amount of shared DNA? Adopted and trying to understand the connections. Have all the names (I think) just trying to connect the dots. Thanks.

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    The amount of cM can be used to predict relationships, although there is often more than one possible relationship.

    210 2nd cousin
    420 1st once removed or 1/2 first cousin.

    So 275 could be either but it definitely tilts toward the 2nd.

    And 399 is like 1st once removed or 1/2 first.

    I dont think you can make age a factor in these estimates.
    Besides 10 or 13 years isnt that much of a difference IMO

    But if they are confirmed 2nd cousins to each other, I am thinking they should be of the same generational level to you. In which case I want to suggest 1st 1r for both of them (and the 275 is a bit low).

    More testing would help. Hard to really say just on two tests. I have a wide range for some of my 2nd cousins, as well as some who are right on target. If you picked my weaker examples of 2nd cousins, you would get the wrong impression.


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      Thank you for your reply and insight. I've tested on several sites. The 275 cousin is always in that range; anywhere from 254 to as high as 282. The 399 cousin has tested only on Ancestry and communication is difficult with him. Not sure how I could be 1C1R to both; new to all of this. Never thought to look at the 2C as 1C1R, but that could be possible - and the half 1C makes sense to me for the 399; the story he told me would explain that. Time for more investigating. Thanks again!


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        Degree of Cousin-ness

        Followed up with cousins above. 275 is definitely 2C - confirmed by 4 different sites. 399 is a couple of years older than 275, so maybe half 1C? Exactly how I fit in there hasn't been shared by him. Hesitant to push for more answers, don't want to be rude. Still can't forget the story he told me - which would confirm the half 1C.

        On my birth father's side (I think) some new info. One listed as a 2C but 26 years older. I would think this could be 1C1R? Numbers 236/13 segments, longest 49. If so, possible birth parent is at only 5 possibilities. Looking at our shared matches, the first 100 or so from the top (beginning with 399 above) are identical. Nobody else in my lists come up this way. Followed up, waiting for response.

        Also a 2C (confirmed by 3 sites, numbers nearly identical to the 2C above) and her uncle who comes up as a 3C? Numbers a bit lower than hers (206, 14 segments, longest 40). Weird. He is 36 years older than I, she is 13 years older. Uncle is her mother's brother. How could an older generation within a family be less related? Could he also be 1C1R?


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          I have a known 2nd cousin that showed up on another site as a 4th cousin. I had noticed too that we shared very little matches in common. I was stumped on that one. I finally asked her when she did her test. She answered 2012. My test date was 2017. For me, it solved the discrepancy.