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MtDNA (HRV1, HRV2 match) and no X-match?

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  • MtDNA (HRV1, HRV2 match) and no X-match?

    I've been looking around but haven't found an answer to this specific question, which is why I feel the need to bother you with it here
    I've tested for FF and MtDNA (and Y-37) and I have two HRV1 + HRV2 matches (exact matches, 0 genetic distance). I am interested in one match in particular for the reasons explained below (I haven't had the FMS, and the match in question hasn't either...).

    Now, one of these two matches is among my FF matches, "5th Cousin - Remote Cousin", but there is no X-Match! Can this happen in case of a "genealogical timeframe" MtDNA match?
    If so, would it be right to assume that the 5th+ cousin match comes from the matrilineal line, and thus confirms the HRV1&2 matches as genealogically revelant (and not from a millenium ago)? - but how could it be possible not to have an X-match in such a case?

    If not, does the lack of X-Match mean that we do not have a matrilineal MRA within a relevant genealogical timeframe and that, if at all, it takes back to possily several millenia ago, and that the 5th+ cousin match is a "coincidence", and so comes from another, more recent ancestry line?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your answers!

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    Mt-dna is from mitochondria. And X-match is from chromosomes. They are different things. So somebody can be mt-dna match and no X-match and vice versa.


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      Okay! Oh, wow, such a quick reply, thank you!
      So in that case, it would be correct to assume, as the most likely possibility, that it is not just a coincidence and that this match is a 5th cousin (or more remote) of mine specifically from the matrilineal line and so that we have a 6+ great grandmother in common?


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        Matching on X (10cM or greater) can be used as an aide to determine line of descent between you and match due to X's unique inheritance pattern, no male to male transmission, thus one can eliminate those lines.
        Lack of matching on X means nothing, unless it is immediate family. Non X matches can still be any line of descent.


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          Wow! This is incridebly useful!
          I have a great uncle on my mother's side who tested, so now I know how to find which side of my X dna is which, and comes from where..


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            Here's a good article by Louise Coakley, "X-DNA's helpful inheritance patterns." You can find charts to download and fill in at "X Chromosome Inheritance" and on Blaine Bettinger's blog.


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              Thank you!


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                My mother has a perfect mtDNA match to a third cousin. GD=0.

                She shares 65 cM autosomally.

                And we have an excellent tree on both sides with lots of records.

                But we struck out on the X DNA.

                Its not surprising really. If you look at XDNA charts with percents.


                My mother mathematically inherited 1/16th of her XDNA from her gg gm. Or about 12 cM (out of 196) . But DNA is semi random and somewhere along that lineage the XDNA got zeroed out.


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                  I understand! Of course, that's clear now!

                  Between a grand uncle (my grandmother's brother) and I, what should be smallest relevant matching segmetnt 7cM? (5?) If we have 95,7cM (counting only longer than 7cM), sounds fine?
                  I can understand from the graph and those info that the 95,7cM that I have in common with him come from my great-grandmother (his mother), correct? Can there be more coming from this side but that I may not have in common with him? (I assume so...)